Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Girls are in bed, I just took a shower, we are both relaxing, it is perfect Fall porch weather and life is good. I smell the cookies in the oven, Steve and I are both secretly hoping one of us will muster up the energy to get up and put them on a plate...since he shut the oven off, it is technically my turn to move.   I will see who gives in first.  

I just finished my work stretch with OT and a great need for a lot of this.
69 hours in 5 nights
not too shabby.
All made possible by, a great husband, a lot of coffee and chocolate, every pregnant woman in the tri-county area delivering and of course a goal of a trip for 4 to Ireland in the Fall may also been an incentive. 

The girls and Steve had a great weekend together and I enjoyed the time I did have with them.  I am so fortunate that the times I am away for work Steve never complains about the workload on him.  I am sure he wishes he could say the same about me when he travels to other states for work!  (Sorry, I am not hard wired like that, I don't believe in suffering in silence!:)

While I was at work I was able to enjoy the things I was doing despite it being when the average person is hitting their pillow.  I will say this about my career, if you are going to stay up all night, what an amazing thing to be doing!  As I put my head on the pillow today I would have thought I would have instantly crashed, my mind began to race thinking about the almost insane variety of things that we work with on a given day, from handing a brand new baby to a 43 year old Mom that had waited 10 years for that moment, a moment that brought me to tears like it was my very own baby, to the meth addict that took a 2 day break to have a baby, only to send her baby home to a foster family.  As I swaddled that little boy I said a prayer knowing that at that moment, he would be experiencing the most normality that he would probably see, for the rest of his life.  But we press on with the realization that all experiences are equally important in life's lessons and treat them all with care during this special time.  My last delivery of my stretch was of a woman having her 4th baby, her husband at home with the other children as she labored all by herself in her room.  She was a doll, she kept her sense of humor and my biggest lesson was that she was much stronger than I, as I would have been having a pity party about my husband being at home.  She did not.  One of my "favorite" patients of the week (I know I shouldn't pick favorites) was having her baby with a photo of her beautiful 3 month old son's photo sitting on her window sill.  Their son passed away of SIDS, a heart breaking story but yesterday they were in the hospital for something happy.  I wanted to make everything just perfect, the happy delivery they deserved.  We enjoyed the afternoon/evening together (with an epidural of course) and then I decided to check her to make sure she was making progress.  She was.  She wasn't pushing and she was crowning, then she was delivering.    Oops, sorry about that, you didn't come to the hospital to have an OB present at your delivery did you?  To make matters worse my last text to her OB contained these words, "FHR reassuring, slow progress and very numb, no need to come to the hospital yet."  Nice.  I have been doing labor and delivery since 1998 people, nice amateur move.  No big deal, Dr's miss deliveries just standing at the nurses station sometimes, I/we deliver babies sometimes, it happens, but wow, that was a stupid text which I can now laugh about.  So, back to the story, beautiful healthy baby delivered (thanks Ana for your help,) I tried to muster a little smile for their little videotaped by Dad delivery, parents were happy, baby was happy, OB....well we won't talk about that.  (Please don't judge me, I really do know what I am doing!)  So I better redeem myself by saying at one of my earlier deliveries with a Dr present, the Dr kindly said to me, "You were a great coach."  So honestly, I do take my job very seriously.  Long story long, what an amazing job!   This isn't a job, it isn't an occupation, it is calling and I am so very thankful for it.  

Now I am back in Mom mode, my other calling and looking forward to my days with the girls and evenings with Steve.  I am also looking forward to another family wedding over the weekend.  I kicked off my time off with a great meal.  Steve had suggested pork chops but I didn't want to disappoint him like that.
Even photo shop can't make these scrambled eggs and sausage look good....I will try harder tomorrow.  For now I am going to relax and sleep when it is dark!  Yipee!

Have a great night!  Love, Gina


Naomi said...

love your post. makes me miss working, just a little :). but reminds me about what a great "job" we have! hope you are well, miss you!

Stacey said...

You always make me smile. Love those moments at work that make you realize it's really a good gig. Now enjoy some time with your babies.

AnaVolovsek said...

Gina..... I love you!
You never cease to bring a smile to my face! Thank you!

Danica said...

I love you. :)