Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So Many Important Things to List

I don't know where to start, I have so many things to tell you about and to document for our little girls.  They are all important but I will start with something very important......

This couple...
The adults in the middle of the chaos, my parents, celebrated 
40 years of marriage on September 18th!  Isn't that amazing, wonderful and just so awesome?  I am very happy for them, proud of them and have all of the respect in the world for them because they have worked so hard to be able to celebrate 40 years together.  Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad.  May you enjoy many more years together.  

On a sad note, they lost a friend of theirs this morning in a car accident, please remember their family in your prayers as we all know, no one is ever ready to say good bye to their friend, husband or father, especially so suddenly.  

In happier news, we had another family wedding on September 10th.  My Uncle Jay met a wonderful woman and they were married in an outdoor ceremony with all of our families together.  Unfortunately i don't have any photos of the happy couple but we made several attempts to take a family photo...
We were able to get one of the family and I am a glutton for punishment so I attempted to get one of the girls alone
 Are you able to spot who wasn't impressed with my idea?
 Are you able to tell who thought it was funny?
Point taken Gabby, never fight with a 2 year old..you will never win.  
These beauties cooperated.
The day after the wedding we raced to Lucan to enjoy one of our favorite things, my hometown church auction!  Fun times.  We enjoyed dumplings and sour kraut, bidding on treasures, and the girls took a trip out to the farm to enjoy the animals!  Thank you for a great time!

Other happy news...
this little beauty came home last week!!!!
Little Miss Kaiya is finally home from the hospital with her family!  Yipee!  I am so happy for them!

And this little beauty, oh how we love this spunky little breath of fresh air,
took a tumble, landed right on the cement step, boo.
Now she looks like this
The blurry cell phone photo is really clear enough...
Poor dear, so hard on my heart.  Actually, not only my heart, we all felt badly.  I must retell the story, therapy for Mommy.  It was going to be the perfect Friday evening, we were having girls night, Steve was in North Dakota, we picked up a movie at Redbox, we were going to pop popcorn, Tess had a friend over, Sydney's friend was on the way.  We were walking in the house, Gabby tripped just short of the cement step and her forehead landed right on the step.  Not good.  Yes, I am a nurse, and I am going to tell you, most women don't bleed during childbirth like a small child's forehead bleeds when it meets the cement.  Wow.  That is when the screaming and crying began...the screaming and crying of Sydney.  At that moment I realized just how much Sydney loves Gabby.  She cried like she was her Mother.  It was very sweet but did add quite an element of pure chaos.  Gabby was crying too but not sobbing like Sydney.  Tess was just standing around staring and Tess's 5 year old friend kept repeating to me, "I can handle this, I can handle this, I smashed my finger once."  (That part was hilarious when I look back on it.)  It was quite a set up:
A. Steve in another state.
B.Tess had a friend over, that couldn't stop talking (4 kids in the house.)
C.Dinner crap all over the kitchen.
D.My cell phone nearly dead.
E.Sydney sobbing.
F.(Last but not least) Gabby's head bleeding like a garden hose.
Gabby with 2 of the most wonderful people (Michael & Deb)  at Children's ER that helped fix her back up again. I loved them, they didn't make me feel like a crazy Mom and kept me from crying when I really wanted to.  It is hard when I have to be the big girl.
There you have it,
the end of our 7 years of parenting without stitches.
5 stitches later, she is on the mend.
She is still cute and I love how she tells everyone,
 "I have 5 itches on my head."
I am so proud of her.

We are also very proud of her big sisters.  They reached their Summer Karate goals and recently had an awards ceremony.  There summer goals included Karate exercises, reading and citizenship.  They worked so hard and we are so proud of them.  Thanks to the village for taking care of Gabby so we could pay attention at the ceremony!

Proudly displaying their awards with their directors and instructors.

Despite the ER visit we were able to enjoy some fun activities the rest of the weekend.  We enjoyed some fall activities at our local nursery.
 A little horse back riding.
 Our animal lovers enjoying themselves.
Pumpkin painting.

Lastly, enjoying beautiful weather at the Gopher game. Which was also a great game...they won!  
All of us all decked out in Gopher gear..or so I thought.
I was in a big rush after taking the girls to the nursery and getting them ready for the game, I quickly changed and we left for the game.  When I was rocking Gabby before bed after the game, I asked her, "Who is on my shirt, is it Goldy the Gopher?"  She looked down and replied, "No."  I looked down and realized she was right, in true Gina form,  blindly getting ready in a rush, grabbed my Boston College t-shirt and didn't even notice.  It was maroon and gold, who knew?

Thanks for staying with me in this long recap.  I hope you have a wonderful week.  Love, Gina

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