Saturday, October 29, 2011

Alive and Well

I have received emails to see if we are alive and well since I have not posted in ages.  We are alive and well, just the same excuse, not enough time, not enough rest = forego the blog.  But now my friends, it is catch up time.  In random order as my thoughts throw them out there.

Lets start with the number one most important event that just happened in our family...

We have a new baby!   My brother Joe and his wife Lorna, had a baby boy this week!
Xavier Joseph
he has 2 little big sisters, Amelia (4) and Isabel (2)

We are going to meet him today so there will be pictures to follow, we are so excited!

Another big event...
my nephew, Jack turned 7 and my niece, Kate turned 5.  We unfortunately didn't make it to Jack's Colorado birthday party this year (sorry buddy, we miss you,)  so I don't have a photo but we did make it to Kate's Minnesota party and the kids had a ball...bounce house involved.  Say no more.

Snow white was also involved
We also had a special guest from Ireland
sadly, I didn't take any pictures.  Except this one
Before she visits we try to gather a few of the American treats that she misses and welcome her in her guest suite with them.  (A few American treats will cancel out the fact that she has no quiet or privacy her entire stay with a family of 5, right?)  We enjoyed her visit and can't wait to visit them next month for the wedding festivities!

In other excitement:
project "fix my ugly bathroom is in full swing!"
We have been planning this bathroom gut since the day we finished our basement renovation and now it is really happening.  
New window is in (trim not replaced yet,) 
the majority of the tile was demoed but the girls and Steve.  (The girls loved the project and I am pretty sure Steve loved their help.)  

Yesterday's excitement....
sea shell detailed, pedestal sink in dumpster, along with old whirlpool tub.  Yippee!  New water reheating, whirlpool tub installed, yippee!  Now if the homeowners could just come to an agreement on tile, we could install some tile.  As soon as he sees it my way, tile will be installed and walls repaired.  Vanity/sink, medicine cabinet and shelf are all completed so we can pick them up and put them in the same spot that the tub box occupied in our garage since June!  Goal: completion by Christmas.  Realistic goal: completion by Sydney's high school graduation.  Just kidding.  Kind of.  I am really excited for the bathroom to be completed and the girls seem pretty excited too.  We have made sure to put as much storage as possible in it with the realization that 3 teenage girls will be using it in the near future!  Can you imagine?  But seriously, how blessed are we?!  

That is what we have been up to besides some less exciting things that are equally important:
  • Gearing up 3 little people for the imminent winter. (Sounds lame but it is a hefty project.)
  • Gearing up 3 little people for Halloween.  (They look very cute and are excited for Monday!)
  • Family photos by my dear friend, (thank you!)
  • Lots of volunteering at the school (it is so nice having the 2 girls at the same school this year.  And thank you to the village for making my volunteer efforts possible!)
  • Learning a new computer system at work and not enough time to act immature and be silly at work.  (When I say act immature and be silly I mean in the most professional way possible. ) 
  • Planning our trip across the pond.
  • Not raking our yard (our neighbors must hate us.)
  • Not washing our windows.
  • Spending as much time under a throw blanket as possible because Steve wants the heat to stay off until November 1st.  (I will remove my parka before I shower this morning.)
That is it, there you have it.  I am not sure why I feel so busy but this morning I feel so happy.  The weekend off, time with the family and I do love when the 5 of us are together.  Now I better get up from my rocking chair and begin the weekend.  Have a great weekend!  Love, Gina


Naomi said...

oh gina, your blog always makes me smile. glad things are good! we must see each other again soon! washing windows....whats that?!

Mary said...

Gina, we are your neighbors, 2 houses down. We love you and not for just not raking your lawn. I actually didn't notice, because we're so darn busy, too. Plus, our lawn's not raked either, so let's just say they're both raked and let the snow cover it all up. K? K. :)

I love your blog and your drive to fix the house. I had to laugh at the tub in the garage comment, because we've had a sink in ours since, oh, last year and it's not getting out any time soon. Good luck with your bathroom remodel!