Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We are in "Fall Heaven"

A majority of our Fall has been in the 80's.
Who can complain about that?

Last weekend we made a quick trip to visit my family for a night and one day.  We all had a ball.  Here  are some of my favorite photos.

We visited my brother while he was farming.
What child doesn't love to play in a trailer full of corn?

We enjoyed our annual trip to the orchard.

The weather was great and the girls were adorable. 
I even made it on one of the pictures!
We take this photo every year (and every year they seem a little less thrilled to do it!) Thanks for humoring Mommy girls. 
My handsome husband and brother watching the kids or maybe just chatting!
What is almost as fun as a trailer full of corn? 
A boat full of corn..with some of your cousins.

Farming with Uncle Joe.
Daddy also in his element...just like the old days. 
And this little girl, smiling from ear to ear...a new toad to love and take home. 
Spending a little time in Grandpa's garden.  

Who doesn't love a pumpkin patch?
We had a great time, just playing, enjoying family and the Fall weather.  Tess's toad was her 2nd toad in 2 weekends.  The first one she brought home from Uncle Merlin's, it sadly passed on before she owned it 24 hours.  Her first comment was, "Can I still take it to school to show the kids?" Um...no.  Could you imagine?  "Class, meet my new frog...he's dead."   The first morning she woke up with toad #2 "Hoppy" and saw he was alive she was shocked and giddy that he had made it longer than the first.  She enjoyed  playing with him all day, sadly he is no longer with us but she is planning a group burial for when Steve returns from his travel.  (We just can't bury our pets without the whole family present.)

Have a great night.  Love, Gina


Sarah Blair said...

Love, love, love the picture of the girls in the trailer full of corn. I want to do that! Looks so fun. You need to frame that picture- the colors are fantastic!

Maura said...

gina, amazing photos!!! especially in all that corn with just the little faces popping out, i love it. miss you! xoxo