Thursday, November 03, 2011

Halloween Week and a good life

It is one of the best weeks to be a Mom because the children are thrilled to go Trick-or-treating and after that, there are plenty of bribery tools available in the house!  The girls had a ball on Halloween enjoying trick or treating in our neighborhood, visiting our friends in our old neighborhood and then going to our neighborhood Halloween party which included, games, prizes and a magic show.  
I love that they still enjoy going out together as sisters....I would imagine someday in the near future they will want to go with friends.  For now I will enjoy this time!  
Gabby has asked me every day since Halloween, "Can we go trick or treating again today?"  I guess she doesn't get the "once a year" concept.  Pretty cute.  
Our soldier not very excited for a photo.
When you are 7 years old, your costume changes by the day, then on Halloween, by the hour.  I say, "You look cute, you are comfortable and most importantly, you are happy, your costume is complete."

A good time was had by all and now I have a boatload of candy that I need to take into work, that we WILL NOT eat at the nurses station...rule followers.  I may need a lot of extra candy to stay up through daylight savings...13 hours.  UG.  You will enjoy the extra hour of sleep, I will open an extra candy bar or 2.  (Nurses are such health nuts.)

Maybe I should be excited about the 13 this little doozy made me sad.
You know what this is?  I went in for an oil change ($19.99) and leave with a $659.89 bill.  Really?  Really?  One of the benefits of having a hearing deficit, is that you don't hear your vehicle making funny noises until there is a serious problem.  Of course there is always the on lookers turning and staring from the sidewalk to see what the terrible noise is....that is a dead give away, even for the deaf.  So long story long, I brought it in, they told me there was a terrible problem and I proceeded to cry at home.  I talked to  my BF on the phone, he remained calm and unfazed...confirming my repetitive, irrational behavior over annoying vehicle expenses.  When I say repetitive I will refresh your memory and remind you....we spent over 2 grand on the truck this past summer.  In the trucks defense...up until summer, she she has been awesome.  I am a fair weather fan...I now hate her.  

My tears turned to joy when the fedex man brought these
Pure joy.  My family and I enjoyed them immensely.  Thank you dear friend.  That is when I moved on and realized how foolish I was being.  I have a nice life with wonderful friends and family and on top of all of this...I just took a nice shower, clean pajamas and clean sheets, the trifecta, as Auntie Joyce used to call it.  Life is good.  Love, Gina

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Stacey said...

I knew who the strawberries were from before putting my mouse over the link. :-) She's the best.

I'm sorry about your truck. I think it's time to get that mini-van.