Thursday, December 22, 2011

Final Days of our Trip

Paris France!

Woo hoo, 3rd country and still kicking, so excited for more sights and treats!  The highlights of the city:  The Eiffel Tower, Luxembourg park, The Louvre, Notre Dame, a date with my BF (thanks Mom and Dad,)  crepes, croissants and a beautiful city!  No complaints at all.   The little hotel we stayed in was wonderful, with a wonderful older woman that loved the girls and served us a wonderful breakfast every morning of baguettes and other treats.

900+ photos to go through and here are a few of our favorite things.  Just a few.  

Notre Dame the night we arrived.  
A nice little walk in Paris.

Baguettes, baguettes everywhere.  

he Eiffel Tower on our first visit (foggy but beautiful.)

The girls could always spot other fun things along the way.
The Eiffel tower with Grandma and Grandpa

I love these 2 and I love the view.  
 Our family...(minus one special person.)

Notre Dame during the day.
The first signs of Christmas in Paris.
Our favorite breakfast lady.
Eiffel tower on a clear day!
A taste of France.
One of our favorites. 
On our way to the park.
Our animal lover found friends. 
A dream park for all.

 Playin' with the boys in every country!

European vacationers still in love....maybe they wanted a 5 and 7 year old to share their hotel room?!?! :)

 Sydney's favorite part of Paris.  
We have about 200 similar photos taken by Sydney in her favorite attraction...let me know if you want a copy.  
It was hard to leave Paris, we all loved it so much.  Never enough time to see everything and always room for more crepes!

We flew back to Dublin, Ireland for some last day touring, shopping and lunch at a pub and a little celebration of Jody and Andy’s new baby. 
Thanks to the honeymooners for letting us stay at their place. 

Loved the holiday lights in Dublin!
Our final meal at a local pub. (Not sure why I am holding my Dad's leg like it is Steve's:)

Picking out souvenirs...Tess was a laugh riot.  
Friday, December 2nd:
Our 6th and 7th and final flights that would bring us home.  I felt sadness that the adventure was over but happiness to be reunited with Gabby.  Ahhh.
One of our many visits with customs. 

The trip was wonderful for so many reasons #1, the wedding, the whole reason we planned this trip.  I felt so blessed to be there.  Thanks Kelly and David .  #2 to bring the girls on their 1st international trip.  It was absolutely incredible to see things through the girls’ eyes and their perspective on the new countries.  It was so much fun.  They were such great travelers and made me so proud.  They kept us laughing at all times with their little comments.  I wish I could remember all of the things they said.  Miss Sydney was her typical “old soul” self, she loved The Louvre like an adult would.  She took hundreds of photos with the flash off.  She also amazed me how she made every effort to take care of herself.  She would jump up everyday ready to tour.  As usual, she was the Mother Hen of the group. 

Miss Tess was a laugh a minute with her goofiness and comments.  At one of the airport security stops she said, “Wouldn’t that be weird if we had to take our pants off?”  Think about that. She is hilarious. 

The two girls together were great, their excitement over the events, sights, hotel rooms and treats were all priceless.  But don't worry, it wasn't all rainbows and butterflies, they still fought at times, had an undying urge to stand too close to the curb and the edge of the train platforms and yes, you can give a "time out" in any country.  We also learned that frequent snacks were crucial to our successful touring days.  (They are like their Mom.)  We did enjoy the time to hold their hands, give them piggyback rides and to show them a little more of the world.  I am so very proud of them, this trip is something I will never, ever forget and will fondly remember forever.

The other highlight was exploring other countries with my parents, what a blessing and privilege.  Seeing their faces in Vatican City was priceless, not to mention when we all heard the Pope speak.  We will also always remember hanging out together many evenings after a long day of touring.  Sleep is something we didn't get enough of on our trip but as we all know, sleep is optional and I am pretty used to operating this way.

So my friends and family, this is all I have written on our amazing journey.  We are blessed to have enjoyed it and arrived home safely.  Gabby literally squealed when she spotted us at the airport.  We were all thrilled to see Gabby and so thankful to Betty and Vernon, Beth and Mike, Greg & Nancy, Vicki and Mark and their families for showing Gabby a wonderful time.  We have been busy "re-programming" her since our return:)  Thanks for following us on this lengthy recap, we had a wonderful time and I am glad we have been busy with holiday prep so I don't have any time to be sad and dwell on the fact that our long awaited trip is already over.  Have a great night.  Love, Gina


Maura said...

loved your parisian photos and everything about your adventures, it was so inspiring! thank you for sharing :) xoxo

Stacey said...

I love this. I love reading what you have to write about your girls. What an amazing trip this was for you all, even with the challenging times.

Totally cracked up at the hand on my father's leg comment.