Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rome, Italy

November 26-28
In case you're falling asleep, I will decrease the details from this point on and covered more highlights and photos.  Our 2 days in Rome included, touring all the major attractions, amazing Vatican city and Sunday service in the Basilica, a blessing and speech by the Pope, a walk up to the Cupola, lots of pasta, pizza and gelato ~ a wonderful life!
 We made it, after a busy morning of traveling, we are in the front of our hotel in Rome!

Family photo in front of the Colosseum, what do you think?:)
 Let's try again.  

Our seasoned travelers having a fun time together. 

Sometimes I think I may be a little too immature to be a Mom, this pooping cat in front for the Colosseum made me laugh and I had to photograph it.  (Syd was appalled.)
And a photo of the people that raised me to be such a mature adult!  
Inside the Pope's House.
Steve was pretty excited for another family photo. 

Hanging out after our many steps to the copula.  

 I think they look related in these photos.
Enough pictures Mom!

 Almost there!
The Pope having a word with us. (He is the one that looks like a bug in the picture...I didn't bring my zoom lens!)

If the Pope is speaking and you don't understand what he is saying, do what most 5 year olds would do, chase the pigeons!  I spotted a woman taking a ton of photos of Tess chasing pigeons...maybe because she was the only little blondie in Italy or maybe because she is just so cute.  
Walking the adorable streets of Rome!

These are just a few of the hundreds of photos that we took in Rome.  What a great city!

November  28, 2011_Travel Day to Paris, France
Bad day and no need to relive that day. The biggest thing I was reminded of that day:
My husband is more awesome than you can imagine, solid as a rock and will never let me down.  Other things I learned: No matter where you are, God will always take care of me and if you have life and faith that is all that matters. 

Have a great day and stay tuned for Paris, France!

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