Monday, January 16, 2012

3 day weekends, we love you.

It is Monday evening and a fun weekend is over.  Steve went back to work today but the girls and I were home today.  The weekend was full of fun activities and a few necessary activities like laundry, etc but we tried to avoid all of that.  I did a little cooking during my downtime of this and that.  
We started out the weekend with this lovely family over for dinner.
2 leaves in the table and we all fit no problem.  
 Steve and Brian were outnumbered but I think that they are used to that. 
 Sydney and I went to a Girl Scout program that we put together. (She even sat on my lap during part of it, I am smart enough to know that this is a big deal when your daughter is almost 8.  I heart her.)
 Today the girls and I enjoyed making mini cakes together.  They were very creative and no 2 were alike.  

 When they were finished the girls delivered them to the neighbors.  
 During nap time the girls and I worked on Valentines.  
 We enjoyed our fun little activities together.  
then around dinner time they started fighting and I knew that it was time for us to eat AND go back to school tomorrow.  Never the less, it was a great weekend.  Love, Gina


Stacey said...

Valentines already???? Wow! Impressed. :-)

Jilanne said...

You amaze me with all the projects you do with your kids! I feel iike a huge slacker!!!