Sunday, January 22, 2012

calm after the cry

We are ending a really nice weekend. I had no idea how the weekend was going to turn our after my Thursday ordeal.  Not anything major, nothing tragic, just your average "bring Gina to tears moments."  I finished my last night shift before my long stretch off.  Ah, I was so excited.  I all but skipped out to the truck in -2 degree weather.  I jumped in the truck, turned the key....nothing.  You have got to be kidding me.  First cold day of the season and the truck won't start, I haven't slept in many, many hours, I didn't wear any gloves and I am teetering.  I call Greg for advice on who to call, he suggests security.  I go to the information desk and after a long drawn out discussion about how many people this has happened to with the elderly volunteers, I was able to get hooked up.  Then I sent Steve a text for him to receive when he landed in another state.  (I am pretty sure he loves to hear about my crisis' when he is traveling on business and unable to help.   Security comes to get me for the jump, I ride with them and I am pretty sure they are not legally working (Fairview must not be observing child labor laws.)  The teenage looking "boys" try to jump the truck and aren't able to do it.  I do everything I can to swallow the lump in my throat because I am pretty sure the "teenage" boys/me would have been mortified when this old nurse started bawling for them.  I then proceeded to returned to the info desk to have another visit with the elderly volunteers and then called a real towing service to schedule them to pick up the truck.  The wait for a tow was now around 2 hours.  It was almost 9am by this time.  After arranging the tow service I knew what I needed to do next....find a place to have a good, "I am so exhausted and unable to cope" cry.  First I sent Steve another play by play text.  (He will be excited when he turns his phone on after the plane lands.)  Next I proceed to the nurses lounge for the cry I really needed to have.   I planted myself on the couch, told my pathetic story to another nurse that was unlucky enough to be on break at the time.  Once the damn was broke I was having a good cry when my manager came in the lounge with several men in suits to show them our lounge that needed a remodel.  Nice.  What are the chances?  At this point I was mortified, I took my puffy eyes and non-coping self and beelined for the bathroom.  I didn't want to stick around to give them an explanation, I could just hear it, "Did you lose a family member Gina?"  Me: "No, my truck wouldn't start."  Anyone that doesn't stay up all night regularly would not understand tears over such mundane things...So long story long, they were able to jump the truck, (Love you Penn Mobil) and then Greg took me to get a new battery (since I am not sure if we have ever replaced ours!)  So hopefully there won't be any repeats!  Don't' worry, I texted Steve again with the outcome.  I am sure he would have been unable to work until the problem was solved:)  I crawled in bed about 11am and was slurring by that time.  

 Friday-Sunday was much better,  Tess and I went on a much needed grocery run, Steve took Tess skating (which on a side note made me tear up when I watched them walk out the door because Steve didn't complain one bit and he basically walked in the door from work, changed clothes and ran back out the door with Tess.  He is such a great Dad)  and we had a lot of unexpected company.  Betty and Vernon stopped, we visited with them and had some help with bathroom lifting and decisions.  Thank you!  Unfortunately, I was distracted and didn't take any photos.  Then my brother and his family came to visit and we visited, had a little dance party with the 6 kids 
and cuddled with this sweet boy
we had a great day.  Today was a nice day as a family that included the usual rushing into church after the service started, reading the Sunday paper, a trip to Barnes and Noble and the pet store and more work on the bathroom.  Now I am sad that tomorrow is Monday, it will be a fast week before Steve flies out on Wednesday.  For now I will enjoy my cookies with Steve.  Have a great night.  Love, Gina

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