Thursday, January 05, 2012

Celebrating with Daddy

The girls and I enjoyed prepping to celebrate with Steve when he returned home from work.  The cake was made completely by Sydney and Tess, Steve's favorite, german chocolate with pecan and coconut frosting. I was very impressed.
They also frosted the cake by themselves and were very proud of it.  (Yes, if you notice the clock on the microwave, it was 4:21pm and 2 out of the 3 children were still in their PJ's.  It was Christmas break people!  I still had my gym clothes on since 6am but luckily I was not in the photo.)  Don't worry, we were all dressed by the time we took Steve out for dinner of his choice at Matt's.  
Then we ended the evening with a lot of candles (Steve is much older than me;) and cake.  
We all enjoyed our little family celebration of our special man.  Have a great night.  Love, Gina


Stacey said...

I ADORE that last photo. Sounds like the perfect day. xo

Danica said...

I am so impressed the girls made the cake! And I am so impressed he chose Matt's. Smart man you married Gina. Smart man.