Thursday, January 26, 2012

day #2, I have nothing to complain about

Day #2 with Steve in California is over and done and we are all in one piece.  I would complain but I learned my lesson.  Last night driving the girls to faith formation I was thinking to myself what a challenge it is when I am "single parenting."  I was working my way into a little pity party, all I really wanted was to put my PJ's on and to stay home for the night.  The girls went to their classrooms and then Gabby and I stayed for a short parent meeting.  At the end of the meeting the director made an announcement.  An announcement that instantly made me forget my pity party.  She asked us to gather round one of the Mom's to say a prayer.  This Mother has a child in 3rd grade and a preschooler.  She was just diagnosed with a brain tumor and was going to be starting chemotherapy this week.  As we bowed our heads I couldn't stop the tears from falling.  This story made me weep for a woman I didn't even really know.  I wept for the Mom, I wept for her children and I wept for my dear friends Kelly and Annie and anyone else whose Mom's were taken too soon.  These are the stories I can't understand.  These are the stories I can't handle.
I cannot imagine being a Mom and living with fear of such a terrible illness.  I can't imagine not being around for these wonderful little people.  
After the meeting I drove back home with Gabby, crying in the truck, thinking about that poor woman.  Gabby said to me, "Don't cry Mommy, Daddy will hug you when we get home."  Very sweet.  Today as I was running children all over to school, birthday parties, karate, skating with a friend, a school program and missing Steve.  I had a new attitude, it wasn't of self pity, I felt blessed to be able to take care of our daughters.  Lessons learned in this life of mine.  Have a great night.  Love, Gina
P.S. Please pray for the woman diagnosed with cancer.  


Naomi said...

Oh my. Things like these that put life in perspective. I need to remember these. After Max slept like CRAP last night....I'll stop complaining. This makes me sad. I will say a prayer. Hugs to you :)

AnaVolovsek said...

A good reminder that we are truly BLESSED! Love to you, and prayers to her.