Sunday, January 08, 2012

for this i am thankful

Our winter break was wonderful.  We did a lot of things and we did a lot of relaxing.  We went sledding, we enjoyed hot chocolate together,
(I heart enjoying hot chocolate together)
I heart these crazy girls too.
we went skating, we went to Nickelodeon and rode rides, we rode scooters, did sidewalk chalk, we had popcorn and movie night (several times) we played with toys and games and we hung out, a lot.  I am sad that tomorrow is back to school and reality.  I was very, very fortunate I was off with the girls for the majority of their break.    Of course they did have their sister fighting moments and that did drive me crazy and the showering with all three girls in the bathroom with me,  but overall we had a great time together.  The 5 of us enjoyed a break from reality.  These are the times I am so very thankful for my "part time" work schedule and a husband that supports my philosophy that, "We can always make more money later but we can't ask our children to be little again later. "  I am also thankful that I am the one that gets to be home more because would I like that philosophy as much if I was the one working full time?  I would venture to guess no.  Thanks honey.  So I will continue to clip coupons, prioritize, remember what material things are "wants" vs "needs" and continue to appreciate this time that I/we have together while they are little.  For this I am thankful.  Have a great week.  Love, Gina


Stacey said...

So true. Loved this post, Gina. xo

AnaVolovsek said...

I am thankful for You! You make me remember the important stuff! Thanks babe!