Tuesday, March 06, 2012

february, we loved you so much

I know it is March and I still need to blog about February.  February, we loved you so much, we did so many things, we enjoyed so many things and we also love our little people that were born in February.  February is a very important month at our house so I can't just glaze over it and skip to March.  There are just too many things that I don't want to forget.  This could be a very long, long post so I am going to try to put things in a nutshell. in random order as I remember them....

Our dear February consisted of.........
celebrations and a lot of them.....

a friend party for Miss Sydney

A fun place for all ages to enjoy!
(But if you have carried 3 full term pregnancies, think about emptying your bladder before attempting a toe touch on the trampoline....I had a friend that told me that:)  
Steve and I enjoyed the jumping as much as the children did.  

It also put a big smile on this birthday girl's face.
 her friends also had a great time.  
we also did some baking 
for this little girls birthday breakfast of choice
(carmel rolls of course)

We decorated for our family celebration

I also baked the birthday cakes and Steve kept the tradition going and decorated the birthday cakes with the help of Grandma Julie. 

the family party cakes turned out adorable!
nice work Steve and Mom!  
(I was wiped and went to sleep before they were completed, no one likes a sleep deprived Mom at the party.)

hard to believe our first born is 8
even harder to believe our baby is 3!
We did some dancing to the girls' new Just Dance 3 Wii game.  Also super fun for all ages.
(And yes, I do fall in love all over again with my husband when I watch him dance with our 3 girls to this!)

February also kept us busy doing more than just birthday festivities,
such as.....

 it was our school read-a-thon month
and these are 2 of our favorites that I read to the girls' classrooms.
I heart reading and I heart these 2 books!

Sydney sold Girl Scout Cookies
The girls took skating lessons
and steve and I enjoyed some skating as well.

 We have even had some sisterly love sightings between
#2 and #3
Gabby and I also enjoyed some together time 
we hunted and we gathered
(i love this place!)

and last but not least....
we celebrated Valentine's Day together with sweet treats for breakfast.
because I heart the 4 other people I live with.

Speaking of hearts....I am just going to jump ahead to March,
 because this is just to good wait to tell you.
our prayers were answered and
Miss Kaiya got a new heart!!!!!
what a wonderful start to March.
God is good and we are all so very

Have a great night and a great March.  Love, Gina

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Naomi said...

so sweet Gina. Your family is beautiful. xo