Friday, March 16, 2012

they make me proud and happy

March is in full swing, life is happy and I have been very bad about documenting the moments that I don't want to forget.  70 degree weather in March keeps a person away from the computer and exhausted at night when I usually try to play catch up.  In random order this is what we have been up to.....

least exciting first....
Working....I miss my night buddies but I do heart working during the day and sleeping at night.  Who knew the bags under my eyes would ever go away?  Bliss.  It is so much easier to go to work after I have slept rather than after I have already put in a full day at home.  There will be some adjustments and Steve has done awesome with the changes but I think it will be a good thing.  He has been very busy with work but still has impressed me with his commitment to the girls.  He volunteered in Tess's room the other day and as I was tucking her in the other night I asked her what the best part of her day way and she quickly replied, "Daddy volunteering in my classroom."  So this kind deed did not go unnoticed.  

Before I left for work one morning I found this note waiting for me on the counter.  
Surprise, surprise, this note made me cry.  I brought it to work to show my friends, it made me so happy and so very proud of what a thoughtful little person she is growing up to be.  I heart her.  

Now that is enough attention to the work part of our lives....

we have been playing outside a lot 
(yes she is wearing a sun dress and yes it is March in Minnesota!)
we (meaning only they) have been playing with their new pets...(and I haven't been able to get them to run away!  shhhhh.)  But quite honestly, so far Tess has been awesome about taking care of them.   All of the seasoned parents are laughing at me because I say this after just 1 week in our possession.  I am a fool
We also took the girls to play their first games of bingo!  Super fun, while Gabby enjoyed dinner out with Greg and Nancy, thank you!
At one point Tess told me, "This is the funnest night ever!"  (I am so lucky I have a supportive husband that goes along with me on my ideas.)
 Miss Sydney was a winner!
We also spent some time biking around the Lake....and since this photo was taken, the ice has melted.  
We also have started having "porch time" and we welcome "porch time" early this year!  
and I also went with a friend to visit this little miracle who is now HOME!  Amazing.  
So this is just a few things that we have been up to lately.  I am so looking forward to the weekend together.  Have a great weekend!  Love, Gina

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