Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend Festivities

We had a fun weekend, this year we went to my Mom and Dad's in Lucan and we were all together there for the first time in a while.  Since I worked over Christmas and they came up for the February birthdays it has been far too long since our last visit.  100's of photos later, we are home and well into our week.

A few highlights from the weekend....

Our first stop on the drive to Lucan, drum roll please........
The Redwood Falls American Legion
we caught wind that they were having a shrimp dinner on the final Friday in lent and we knew where we needed to go.
I know you are jealous, when was the last time you had friend shrimp?  It was delicious and my stomach hurt for the majority of the evening after that.  (Precisely why I eat it once a decade.)

Then we needed to do a photo shoot on the tanker truck.  Actually, Steve did the photo shoot, I stayed in the car with my shrimp.
the next day we of course needed to make a trip to the Plaetz farm
always a hit

the cats were nowhere to be found so Tess managed to enjoy some making out with the dog
there were also plenty of other animals to enjoy
Every child should get to look inside a milk bulk tank at least once!

Then it was time for Easter Sunday festivities.....

Still one of the highlights for me as a Mom of 3 daughters is dressing them up for Christmas and Easter.  
(May I forever hold these memories in my heart for when they are teenagers and try to walk out the door inappropriately dressed, snarling at me because I stop them in their tracks.  This must be the perks for when they are dramatic teenagers!)
I will openly admit that it is getting harder to pick things with them that we all like.  But I must say, I thought they looked beautiful.  
The first miracle.....
we all made it to church before it started! I smiled from ear to ear, feeling very happy and blessed. 
 (I may have snarled a few times in between the smiles when Tess and Gabby couldn't resist the urge to fight in church.  Keepin' it real.)
When we returned home it was time for the big Easter egg hunt.

 they were adorable and had a great time
we had a great time watching them
we also tried to take a few family photos....always interesting

And the couple responsible for this crew.
then I thought a mother daughter photo would be "nice."
(it turned out to be entertaining for all.)
someone started out not very pleased
and then she had a mood swing
I was gripping the bark as tightly as I could
then it became a challenge for the older girls
going down....
 are these the 3 people that I carried in my womb for 40 weeks and have devoted my life to?!
Mission accomplished..

the family onlookers sat in silence waiting to see what Mama's response would be, turning away at the awkward sight.  
No photos to prove it but I laughed and then the onlookers knew it was safe to laugh too.  
Steve opted out of the Father/daughter photos after that.  Hmmmm.

We had a wonderful time as a family. 
Love, Gina


stacey said...

The photos of you and the girls totally had me laughing out loud. Love them

They looked so adorable in their Easter dresses, especially Gabby. SO cute, Gina.

And I just adore the photos of Tess with the dog. Heart melting just a bit.


(And I find it's funny that it's the Thursday before our weekend and here we sit blogging from our computers. :)

Ann said...

Gina, that post was hilarious. Loved it!