Tuesday, May 22, 2012

girlfriends are such a gift

Sometimes I get so behind on updating the blog that I don't know where to start, I have several weeks to post about so I decided to post about this past weekend.  I will start with last weekend because it was fabulous!!!!!!
When we left Boston in 2007 we left many wonderful people behind and they are all sadly missed.  There is far too much time between our visits.  Lucky for me, the amazing women that I worked with put together a girls weekend and made it possible for me to join them!  The weekend was glorious from start to finish.  
Starting with this
the airport.
I arrived early for my flight, strolled through the hallways, eating a snack, taking my time.
Then I spotted this....
I quickly texted Steve a photo that I had spotted the "business travelers" working hard.  
(it is a little blurry but I needed to be discreet, they may have thought I was a spy for their wives.)
Then I took a seat on the plane and I did some reading, writing and people watching. 
I loved it.  
When I got off of the plane, I spotted this
and I knew I had reached the promise land.  
After breakfast with a dear friend we took a road trip to New Hampshire where the fun would begin.
We arrived here to meet all of the other ladies.  
Group photo that I made everyone take...sadly not everyone is on it.  
(Thanks for the great t-shirts Stef!)
The weekend was filled with so much fun
we relaxed, we ate great food, we drank adult beverages, we laughed and we cried.  
We also took in the mountain views of New Hampshire....but an even prettier view,
the outlet mall surrounded by mountains.
we shopped and we drank a lot of coffee.  
I have missed my Dunkin Donuts coffee and was happy to be hanging out with people that were used to my GI distress that goes along with "cream served with a splash of coffee."

I have very few photos as I forgot my camera and relied on my phone.  Quite honestly it was more fun just sitting back and taking it all in.  These lovely ladies have been with me through the early days of my relationship with my husband, the birth of 2 of our daughters and the difficulties of living so far away from "home."  I hesitate to call it difficult as we had a close network of friends that stood by our sides through it all.  
For this I am thankful.  
Before leaving town I had a quick visit with this wonderful family.  Sadly I wasn't able to see everyone on my quick weekend visit and I am sorry to everyone that I missed.  

On my way out of town I zipped by this beautiful brownstone.
This is the first place Steve and I rented after we were married. 
 How dare they change things...it is going to be luxury condominiums.  
Amazing how things change.  

Goodbyes were difficult as usual, but I have so many great memories of a wonderful weekend away.  I don't do this often enough or really at all and I thank my dear friends for giving me the nudge that I needed.  You are amazing women, thank you for making me laugh and refreshing all of my great memories.  I love you guys and thank God for all of you.  I look forward to our next "old school" reunion.  Love, Gina "Plaetz"

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Sara D said...

It really was the best time. I was so sad to leave early!
It was so refreshing to see you, talk with you, and LAUGH!!!
Hope to see you again soon old friend!
Sara Splain