Thursday, June 14, 2012

Family of 5 on the 14th

I almost missed it, the day is almost over.  We had to catch Steve outside working on a project with friends.  The days are flying by, I have early mornings to workout without the girls in tow and late evenings so we can all enjoy the fun of carefree summertime.  My eyes almost close before I hit the pillow.  It is my favorite time of year...I wish it would last forever.  Have a great night and a great weekend.  Love, Gina


stacey said...

Love this family. :)

Rhonda Pohlen said...

Now I know why I don't follow your blog because it just makes me miss you more! We are going to be in Minneapolis in 2 weeks and want to see you but I can't seem to find a phone number for you. Give me a call when you get a chance!
Love ya,