Wednesday, June 27, 2012

summer lovin'

Things are happening faster than I can post them and my eyes close before my head hits the pillow so blogging has fell to the wayside.  June is flying by and I can hardly believe next week we will say hello to July.  We have been enjoying a different pace, many hours in the sun and later bedtimes.  Summer is by far my favorite season and the girls really are a great age this year.  Here are a few of the things we have been up to.  

Father's Day weekend came and went, it was my turn to deliver babies so the girls spent the weekend with their Daddy.  A few days before Gabby met Steve at the door and said, "It is your birthday Daddy and we bought you an iPod!"  Um, 3 year olds are not the best secret keepers!  Steve also had a little break from the girls while they enjoyed a reunion with the Mullens.  
 the reunion wore one little girl out!  
Another big event was Sydney's final Girl Scout ceremony for the year.  
Then my Sister, my friend Katie and I decided we had some time to kill and had our annual (and last ever) garage sale.
The children enjoyed it and the adults had some laughing moments over our customers.  Note to self: 2 and 3 year olds are not helpful when having a garage sale.  

Exhibit A
2 year old with make up on and a hose. 

Exhibit B
Gabby came outside to our "sales area" and said to me, "I had a problem in the bathroom Mommy."  Yes, it is what you think on her leg. 

I rest my case. 

Last weekend also was another big event.....
 Cast Removal!!!!!
Her cast is off and she is wearing a splint, "Whenever she is doing anything physically active."  This is Tess we are talking about so she is wearing it a lot!  

Last but not least, it is my big week!  


For the first time ever, all 3 girls are somewhere out of the house, at the same time!!!!!  You might say I have been a little excited about this week for a long time.  I dropped the girls off on Monday and felt very weird without Gabby at my side.  
I quickly got over it as I entered Starbucks with my Sister!  Gabby was so excited! 

 Tess was also really excited.  
Sydney was not quite as excited but she knew that it wasn't really a choice.  The girls have been enjoying VBS and Sydney was pleasantly surprised that she likes it better than last year.   Gabby did fine getting dropped off the second day by Granny Annie and then there was today......
she woke up not in the mood and she let me know.  Evidently she forgot that she is the 3rd child and this is not my first rodeo.  

The following message should not be tried at home and also please don't judge me because....
when the fist child throws a fit, you give in and take them home.  
when the 2nd child throws a fit you ponder giving in, spend a lot of time talking them out of the fit
 and with the 3rd child you

videotape it!!!!!!!!
this is actually only the start of her tantrum.  I shut the phone off before things got even uglier.
She proceeded to freak out and I did what I needed to do...kissed her and walked out the door!  (After all, how often do I get to meet a friend for a pedicure?!)  I honestly did feel bad and am not sure what got into her but by the time I returned she was laughing and dancing with the other kids.  Whew.  I am hoping that there won't be a repeat act in the morning.  Have a great night.  Love, Gina

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