Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We camped, we loved and we got dirty

The Piepenburg Campout was another great success.  We all had a great time and then really enjoyed our shower and running water when we returned home!  The weekend was filled with a lot of laughter and enjoying each other's company.  It was hot but we didn't let us stop us.  

Before we could start our camping excursion we made a stop here

 we enjoyed some ice cream and a short visit with Papa
 and Miss Tess enjoyed sitting on this
When we arrived at camp we found our mega tent set up...thanks Joel and Julie!
These are the little people that we shared a tent with!  Bedtime was interesting!  
Shortly after set up I showed Gabby the "facilities" for the weekend.
I was glad I had my camera along to capture this moment...she wasn't impressed.  
I was in this bathroom at least 100 times all weekend with her 
and wish I would have recorded her comments every time she looked down into the "pit."  
But this view from our campsite
made up for the lack of running water.
And seeing this kind of joy
also made up for the lack of running water.
Our weekend went by quickly with a lot of activity.  
We climbed Mt. Tom, 
we played on the beach,
we swam and some of us improvised.
 We enjoyed snacks on the beach
 and then enjoyed some homemade ice cream from our ice cream ball.
 We took numerous rides in the trailer, given by great aunts and uncles.
 We used our resources provided by Uncle Bill and 3M (I shudder to think of what Grandma Phyllis thought of this wastefulness.)
 We enjoyed time with the kids playing kickball (only one minor collision between the oldest (Grandma) and the youngest (Gabby.)
We also took time to enjoy the view.
 The girls enjoyed the jiffy pop parade started by Auntie Jayne
 And we made it to the dock to catch the beautiful sunset.

We also enjoyed everyone's favorite....
roasting marshmallows and making s'mores.  
 The highlight for Tess
dog time!
 The highlight for all of the girls
 the little tree house fort they made.  
 The jerky contest was a hit with our new Aunt Mary as the winner.  
(Sorry I don't have a photo.)
 The final annual photo taken when we have broke camp and look like Pigpen.  
I should have taken an "after" photo when I took my heavenly shower.  
A great time was had by all, thanks to our wonderful Aunts, Uncles and Grandma for making the campout what it is.  
We loved it and look forward to next year!
Love, Gina

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