Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cousin time and husband time!

Time is slipping away from me as we are doing too many fun things to keep up with documenting.  (This is a good problem to have.)
Now I am working on catching up on all of our fun.  

To start things off we had family company!!!  
We had a visit from Steve's brother and family from Colorado.
We had a ball together but sadly I didn't take enough photos.  
(I am trying to enjoy the moment and not always be running to my camera or phone but then later I wish I had more photos!)
We played at the park and swam together.  
We enjoyed some jumping time at Skyzone.
we enjoyed the science museum and the pirate exhibit

we drank wine together, 
we visited and the kids had a ton of fun together just playing together with their cousins.  
It is so nice to see how quickly they become reacquainted with each visit.  
The distance is far but everything falls right back in place when we are together again.  

After our guests left it was time for Steve and I to celebrate our big weekend....
our 11 year Anniversary!!!  
My parents took Sydney and Tess for the weekend to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Pageant and they had a great time together! Something the girls have been looking forward to for a while.   (I still need some photos Mom!)  

While Sydney and Tess were gone we knew what we had to do....
get rid of Gabby!  ( Ha, just kidding...kind of.)
We were very excited because Greg and Nancy took Miss Gabby overnight and she also had her own little party with lots of fun and treats. (See below.)
Thanks Mom, Dad, Greg and Nancy, Steve and I had so much fun together  and the girls all had their time of being spoiled!  
Steve participated in a triathlon that morning  
then Steve bought my anniversary card while I waited in the car (I was not-so-secretly annoyed, but we know he has other really great qualities besides planning ahead.)

Then we headed out for our anniversary celebration!
our dinner was lovely, 
we had one of our best anniversary celebrations and then woke up in a quiet house!  (A fun novelty at this stage in our life and we enjoyed it!)  Then we took a bike ride around the lakes and hit another favorite spot
we really had a great time together and I am so glad I still can have so much fun alone with him.
Then it was time to pick up one of our little girls and we decided to treat her (for 2 reasons, we knew she would love the one on one and we didn't want to cook!)  

She enjoyed Pat's Tap as much as we did.
then we enjoyed a little time in our little garden with her.  
and she was cute
and we all loved our time apart and together.  
Then we had a very busy week and I have more blogging to do but for now, 
I must go and enjoy my family Sunday morning.  
We went to church last night, I enjoyed my early Sunday morning coffee with my sister at 
my other favorite place and now I am enjoying watching everyone surface this morning.  
Have a great Sunday.  Love, Gina

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