Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hi I'm Gina, A Recovering Traveler's Wife.

A recovering traveler's wife....
that's right, you read it right, recovering!!!!!  Today was the day that Steve said good bye to his job at Lifetime to pursue another great opportunity that has been put in front of him.  This was a difficult decision for him as he worked with many wonderful people but he gave a lot of thought to his decision and knows that it is an opportunity that is right for him.  

Tonight I was able to go to his "going away" social hour thanks to the village for helping us out with the girls.  It was so nice for me to be able to be there and to say good bye with him to everyone that has been so good to us since we moved back to Minnesota.  As Steve's wife it was also so great to be there and see many of the people that supported Steve in his 5 years at Lifetime.  I felt so very proud of him for so many reasons, I am proud of the well respected, driven architect and person he is, I am proud of the leader and mentor that he is and more than anything I am proud that he always treats people the way that he would want to be treated.  As I looked around the room it was evident to me that he is cared about as a friend by these people.  He has done amazing things in his career but also never loses sight of his priorities and doesn't compromise his relationship with me and/or the girls for his work.  He has figured out a balance better than I will ever be able to and for this I am thankful.  

I am also thankful for his new opportunity, he was blessed with a few different offers and he picked the job that included NO travel!  I know I am a whiner, but the travel was hard for me.  I tried to cope as best as I could but in the end, it was just hard.  (I promise I didn't make him choose the job that didn't have travel, I let it be his decision!)  

Thank you to our friends at Lifetime for a great 5 years, you will be missed.   Now if you will excuse me....I am on vacation with my BF!  

Love, Gina

P.S. Sorry to the people who missed the forced photo that I made happen!  (I am sure Steve was so proud of his wife who is a "freak about capturing everything on camera!")

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stacey said...

Yay for a new job with no travel! So excited for you both. xoxoxo