Thursday, July 26, 2012

Loving some farm time and other fun activities

The past week has gone by in a flash since Steve made his decision for a job change.  Trying to fit in as many fun things (and work on the honey do list) as we can before the girls head back to school and before Steve settles into a new position.  I feel sad every time July comes to an end but then I realize I will blink and another summer will be starting.  But for now, we will enjoy what is left of the summer.

We had a fun trip to the zoo last week (look at everyone's excitement for a family photo!)
this little girl will still smile for a photo for me!
 we did some climbing there

we did a lot of playing there and even looked at some animals too!  (Thank you so much to the village for the tickets!)

We also met friends at a little splash pad not far from our house 
and to my surprise and happiness....
my "big girls" aren't too old for the splash pad!  
(The little things that make me so happy.)

Then it was time for another favorite pastime 
a trip to the great grandma's farm!
Unfortunately I forgot my camera but luckily I did have my phone.   These are just a few of my favorite photos from our visit.
reunited and it feels so good!

We just spent time doing the everyday simple things with Grandma that bring so much joy to the girls and also to me because it all reminds me of my childhood as a little farm girl.  

We walked the long drive way for the mail....
a novelty for the city girls.
we enjoyed the little pool
we loved Appleton
and we loved Sibley even more

thanks to Uncle Jeff's repair, we enjoyed the tire swing so much
and we enjoyed just hanging out together. 
We enjoyed many simple things, Great grandma's constant running around, her wonderful cooking with butter on everything, hanging out in the gazebo,  her unsolicited advice about the funniest little things that she says and does.  (Funny to her granddaughter but probably make her children nuts.)  A good time was had by all despite the heat!
After going to my cousin Sarah's bridal shower it was time to head home for more fun.

We went to the Art Car Parade 
and then biked to this awesome new park at Lake Harriet.

while we were there we also caught a little concert and ice cream. 
We are exhausted by the end of the evenings but it is all worth it....
Right now Miss Tess is enjoying some farm camp in Lucan and we miss her so much.  (I would imagine that she doesn't miss us!)
I heart summer (especially when my BF is in between jobs!  Don't hate me for this statement, it isn't always cherries and berries, it doesn't happen every summer.)

Have a great weekend.
Love, Gina

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Naomi said...

Syd the cool?! Lol!!! Im so happy you are having such a great summer! It was so good to see you! Love the farm photos :)