Friday, July 06, 2012

Super Camp Week

It was a great week, it was a busy week.  
It started out with the Twins Game
with my BF and some of his family.  
A great time was had by all, despite the heat...
thanks for the invitation Betty and Vernon!

Then we started out our week of camps.  
This cute girl was in her element at her fishing camp.
 She loved it and didn't even complain about the extreme heat while fishing at Lake Harriet.  
I wish I could be such a good sport.  

Sydney enjoyed her young artist camp at Simply Jane Studio.  
She has lots of fun projects to show off from her week.  

We also enjoyed a lot of swimming
 and hit 3 local pools over the course of the week.  
 We were very proud of Miss Sydney when she earned this bracelet.
(I secretly had a little nervous breakdown when she was testing.)  
 The pigs even received some attention this week.  
I gave up on the thought of trimming of their nails for the first time and could ignore them no longer.  We took them into the professionals and now I should be able to do it myself?!?!?  
After we left the vet's office I said to the girls, "Thanks for your help in the office."  Sydney replied, "Help?  You just watched the whole time while we held them still."  
Okay, she may or may not be right.  

And the highlight of the week....
this little diddy arrived.  
We will see if it is as great as you claim Lisa Mendicina. 
And if I really sound old now, let me top it off
these beauties also came in the same package.  
Don't worry, I already own several pairs for my 12 hour shifts but nothing dreamier than a new, bright white pair.  
It is the simple things that please me.  

Have a wonderful weekend.  Love, Gina

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