Sunday, August 26, 2012

Live now

I started out the week in a funk (when I say "in a funk" I really mean sad but I think that makes people less uncomfortable to read in a funk than I was "sad.") But now I gave my secret away and now you know I was sad.  I always get sad right before the girls go back to school.   I just always feel sad about the fleeting nature of summer and really life in general.  When I think about it, it is a little ridiculous, we had a great summer, a summer that left us with so many wonderful memories but yet I still get sad.

On top of my normal "end of summer sadness," this happened.  Barry was a friend of mine from college who sadly died much too young in a motorcycle accident.  If you google Barry Pankonin you can see what a great guy he was.  So this also made me sad and when I went to the visitation I was given another reminder to "live now" while I am here.  Unfortunately it takes these sad occasions to remind us of how important it is that we live now, while we are here.  So I came home from this sad occasion, sat on the front steps and hung out with my family.  Exactly where I wanted to be.  Fortunately I have had a lot of time with all of them in the last few months.  Here is our last week of summer vacation in photos.   Our week flew by with a lot of activity.

We met special friends at Edinborough Park
 scooters make everyone happy
 we celebrated this special guys first week of work 
(he had a great first week by the way!)
and guess what...he didn't fly anywhere!!
 We got back to school haircuts
 this little lady told the hairdresser she was 5
 this little lady told the hairdresser she was a tomboy.  
Then it was time for the highlight of the summer......
the great Minnesota get together
State Fair!!!!!
(we missed the Altieri family with us this year.)
We shared many treats together
 Miss Tess's favorite
 Our little fries
 the father daughter bucket of fries
Roasted corn a Minnesota and sweet b favorite
 Always our treat finale
 Sweet Martha's Cookies
 and always with milk
 good to the last drop
 the big girls are good sports about doing some thing for their little sister
 she doesn't miss out being the youngest
 and we all were able to be a lot of animals...especially this little girl.  
We even watched a calf being born.
 we hit a few rides
we covered many miles and we thanked God for this (our best investment when Gabby was born) so that we didn't need to do as much carrying 
and heard very little whining.  
we had a great time and look forward to our next visit!  Now I must go and enjoy our last day of summer break.  sniff, sniff.  Happy Sunday.  Love, Gina

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Danica said...

Thank goodness for blogs :) I love seeing these glimpses into your family life ... and of course what you ate at the fair! xoxo