Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our back to school fiesta!

It is back to school time!!
we celebrated with a back to school fiesta!
 our local cousins came
 and our goofy three year old was present too!  
  Food was eaten, prizes and awards were given and
special guests came from afar.  
A "surprise" visit from 
Grandma and Grandpa Plaetz!
 The fiesta would have been incomplete without a
It was a fun celebration and now if you will excuse me I have carmel rolls to roll out that I should have started hours ago.  Have a great week!  
Love, Gina


Naomi said...

What a fun idea Gina! How do you do it all? And caramel rolls?! Please share your secrets! :)

stacey said...

You = awesome mom.