Sunday, August 19, 2012

These are the days to remember

Steve has been plugging away at his honey do list but we have also been having a fair bit of fun while we have been off together.  These are a few of the things we have been up to captured on my phone

We had some special visitors from Canada

and we took them to see a few great sites around town....starting with the Flour Tower...a favorite of our girls.  

 We all enjoyed it 
and one of us may or may not have pouted in a corner
 and what trip to America is complete without a trip to the 
Mall of America!
Steve and JR caught up and we enjoyed getting to know his lovely wife Lynn.

We also helped our wonderful friends Michele and Jeff celebrate their new house down the street 
and Steve celebrated his 10 year reunion:)
 we visited Steve's spry Grandma Dorothy
and we celebrated a little cousin time.
 The girls celebrated the Kenny Fest with the Mullens in our old neighborhood
 fun and treats for all
Two little cousins lost the same teeth!
I took the girls school shopping and we kept our tradition going
 and celebrated completion at the Cheesecake Factory.  
The 3 of us had a fun time shopping together and they kept me laughing.  Tess found a cotton button down shirt and said to me, "Mom, you might have to use that flat thing on this."  (Um Tess, that is called the iron and I try not use it.)
This year Steve took them school supply shopping, 
a fun change in our tradition.  

When we weren't running around we were home drinking 
a lot 
of milk with 5 of us home.  
 We also spent several hours at one of the girls' favorite places

 all 5 of us had so much fun.
And we finished off our month of family fun days at
Canterbury Park

 this place was a first for our family 
 and not our last, we had such a great time.  
(It also gave Tess to have some animal time in, she has been missing the animals since she spent several days at Jane and Dennis' farm.)
 The one thing that the girls asked Steve to do with them on his break was
building a playhouse for the guinea pigs with them and today
they completed it!  
Very cute.  
And this is our fun times in a nutshell from the last month.

Tomorrow is the big day, my BF starts his new job, I am so excited for him in his new adventure.  
What a great month it has been and now it is time to go back to reality....
Have a great week.
Love, Gina

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