Sunday, August 12, 2012

Vacation: all i ever wanted

Time is quickly slipping by me and I have so many fun things to blog about.  The sweet b family has been very happy.  We have been given a gift.  Our gift has been having Steve home with us on his "sabbatical" as we have been calling it.  For the first time in a very long time Steve has been home with us, off of work before he starts his new job.  I/we have been LOVING it.  We have been enjoying each others company, working on little projects here and there and just hanging out.  Things could not have worked out better and I refuse to take this time for granted.  I have really enjoyed not living "real life" with him and will be sad when next weekend arrives.  I have told him multiple times that I would really enjoy both of us not working!  Unfortunately it would be difficult to pay the bills.  Until our "extended vacation" ends I will soak up every second of our time together and thank God that we were given this gift.

The past few weeks have flew by and here are a few of the highlights in photos.

We started out our vacation as planned at this glorious place
then we woke up to this glorious view for 1 week straight
it was the 2nd year that we had stayed here and we had a wonderful time.  The week was filled with a lot of relaxation (I averaged 9-10 hrs of sleep a night,) swimming, playing together, chatting with family, riding bike, grilling and just enjoying each other's company.  

Kicking back in the cabin was a favorite activity.
 and riding bike was also a favorite past time.  

 this little girl rotated where she slept and how she slept.
 Walking or biking to Nisswa was a lot of fun.

 then we would return to this view.

 we spent more time in our suits than our clothes

 this little girl always knows how to have a great time
 and these two enjoyed fishing (and looking like twins.)
We all did a lot of reading
 and who doesn't enjoy smores?!
 We were frequent flyer's of the chocolate ox
 and walked this little road many times, sometimes we 
 walked to a great deal!  
 then back to some swimming.

 Tess met a celebrity in her eyes (root beer floats are her favorite!)
 Turtle races were a blast despite the heat,
 cousin Amelia even made it to the semi-finals.  
After the races we cooled off on the pontoon.  

We enjoyed more fishing.
We had a lot of ice cream
and we saw the sights.
 and back in the lake again!

 We blinked our eyes and the week was over.  
We enjoyed a little "last supper" together. 

 it was hard to leave
 but we are looking forward to another visit next year.  
These 3 little ladies made the trip so wonderful.  Time away from the real world, responsibilities and all of the little distractions in our lives was golden.  The girls were the perfect ages, Steve and I agreed that it was the best vacation we have ever had since we had children.  It was a great reminder to us that just being together makes us all happier than any material thing or extravagant vacation.  

I could go back tomorrow...sniff, sniff.  
Have a great week.  
Love, Gina

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Danica said...

Awww- loved the last paragraph- I wish you could live that way every day! And me too :) Love you lady xoxo