Saturday, September 29, 2012

A reason for me to smile

Tomorrow is a special day for me...and yes I am blogging about it like a 5 year old talks obsessively about their own birthday.  I can't help it, I love birthdays, even my own and especially my own.  I can never understand how people can say they "don't get into birthdays, don't like surprises or don't make a big deal about birthdays."  What is that?!  Who doesn't like birthdays?  They are great, it means I am alive, I made it another year and wow, let's celebrate me!!!!  Lets be honest, I am a Mother of 3 and I would like to celebrate me once in a while.  I wonder when I will finally feel like the adult the age of 38 suggests I should be?  Because most of the time, I feel pretty dang immature for my age.  For example, when will I not take photos of a cat pooping because I think it is just funny,  or when will I find riding in a wheelchair on the night shift immature and at what point will I start having my hair set once a week for Sunday church service?

An ongoing theme of my blog is always how quickly times passes by and it really does.  I am not sure where the years have went.  But I do know that on this birthday I am so very thankful to God for my life, thankful for my Mom that carried me and for keeping me during my teenage years and early 20's, thankful to my Dad for talking my Mom into keeping me because Lord knows teenage girls are hard on their Mom's (and I don't know the half of it yet!)  I am thankful for my husband that has stood by me even when I can be a little bit crazy or a lot crazy.  I am thankful for our beautiful daughters that have taught me about being real and letting go of things that don't matter and realizing what things really do matter.  I am thankful for my whole family, that we are all so close, still have fun together and I have the bonus of my dear sister down the street.  I am thankful for wonderful friends, friends in Minnesota, friends on the east coast and Ireland.  Friends and family who stick by me despite me being in a time of my life where my personal correspondence had to take a back seat while I keep my head above water.  I am also thankful for a job that brings me so much joy and satisfaction in knowing that I am doing a job that I was "called" to do.   I could go on and on because I am so thankful for another birthday and all of the things I have been given but what I really need to do is go to bed because I will be helping other little people share my birthday tomorrow.  I will have keep reminding myself tomorrow to date all of my charting 9/30/12 not 9/30/74....thank you God for another birthday.

Have a great weekend.  Love, Gina


AnaVolovsek said...

Happy Birthday my lovely friend!!!
I wish you a year of blessings, and smiles, and laughter!

Lots of love to you on your special day!

Danica said...

Happy happy birthday!!!! You are the bomb diggity. Love you xoxoxo