Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Once upon a time...

there was this baby

 then a few seconds later.....
 there was this big girl
ready for preschool
 she walked in, she kissed me and she got right down to business
 I knew she would but couldn't she have acted a little sad to see me go?:)  
I was proud of her and managed to get a kiss goodbye from her before she went back to her job of being a big preschooler.  
I was smug about all of this, saying things like, "she is ready and I will love a few minutes to myself on my days off."  She was ready but I never would have been.  I dropped her off, had a good cry in the car and then met a dear friend for a cup of coffee before heading home.  Then I was greeted by dear sister at home.  

When I picked her up she ran up to me, yelled "Mommy!" Then she gave me a big hug.  
When we got home she was so proud of her art work and was just so happy to be able to show me her work, instead of watching her big sisters show me their work.  
It was finally her turn.  Sigh.  
I heart her and have a lot to be thankful for.  
Have a great day.  
Love, Gina, Mom of 3 children in school

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