Thursday, October 25, 2012

My last post was labeled, "School vacation day #1."  Did I really think I was going to update the blog daily during their vacation?!  Apparently I have a very unrealistic view of how things are going to go down and how they actually happen....when will I learn?  So here is a brief synopsis of what the girls did over break, the nutshell version, not the hourly version.

they had playdates and sleep overs
 they enjoyed a little jumping at SkyZone (and I did too!)
 they celebrated a special birthday
 they enjoyed some sister time
and they enjoyed some daddy time too...but he didn't take pictures.  
They hit a movie, we played cards, they slept in and stayed in their pj's late and Daddy made pancakes too.  
They fought at times and I did overhear Gabby tell Tess that she was "getting on her last nerve."  Oops, who do you think she heard that from?!  Super Mom.  
Why do they only hear the inappropriate things I say?  Hmmm.  

Have a great weekend!
Love, Gina

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