Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oxygen mask secured...start photo catch up!

I am back again, I have been away, there has been a lot of activity and no postings.  September was a tough transition for me for some reason, hard to get back into the school year, hard to get back to the reality of Steve working again and just a general feeling of being overwhelmed for me.  I realize that my life is not hard by any stretch of the imagination and I have mostly "first world problems." First world problems such as I feel too busy, I am tired at times and time seems to be passing by too quickly. I have the wisdom to realize that these aren't real "problems" and I am grateful for all that I have. but I really wasn't much fun in September.  Thankfully I have made some changes, had some help from the village, took some time to breathe and my personal husband arranged on his own, a neighbor girl to babysit twice a month for a standing date night for us....woot, woot.  Because guess what, sometimes the Mom needs to be taken care of.  And guess feels good to be taken care of.      So cheers to that.   My oxygen mask had fallen off and now it is secured again and I am feeling more like Gina again.  Now enough of my not so sad, sob story, lets get on to some pictures of the fun that we have been having.  In random order as I get through hundreds of photos....

Here are a few of the things we have been up to....
A little father-daughter bowling
 a birthday celebration made very special by my family
 warm fall walks to the park

 goodbye to this big green tree
step #1in "project curb appeal"
waiting for her lunch date!
my little Sunday coffee date while Sissy was out of town
Go Gophers!

no wonder this little girl loves going to games

 with her partner in crime
 our two blondies 
 we visited friends in their beautiful updated digs
 I volunteered for Sydney's field trip
 and I love that she will still walk with her Mom
 fall set in 
and we finished with a bumper tomato crop, nice work girls

 we have been enjoying several fires a week
 all 3 girls started faith formation (the director asked me if I thought Gabby was ready and I thought to myself....I don't care if Gabby is ready...hello, I am ready!  Bring on Wednesday nights!)
 I had a little celebration of birthdays with my sissy

 we all did a 1 mile run with the girls and some classmates
 these 2 ladies did awesome!
 I got to run with the 1st graders...Steve with the 3rd graders
this little girl wasn't so excited that morning
 by the end everyone was happy
then it was time for vaccinations and you know the family that vaccinates together stays together:)

we also took a quick fall trip to Lucan
we enjoyed Grandpa's garden

time with cousins
this little girl was in heaven

then we hit our favorite orchard 
and had fun with Grandma Julie and Grandpa Bob

this little baby also had a fun time!
then my Mom cleaned her closet and sent back some beauties from my prom
you know you are jealous
this girl looked sweet in my flower girl dress
I also was able to join Tess and her call on a field trip

and then we had another quick road trip to visit more family
as usual they had fun activities planned

someone is trying to smuggle a pumpkin out!
lastly we celebrated an upcoming arrival
not everyone wanted to join in on shower fun so these two buddies hit the gopher game

thanks for staying with me and looking at over a month of photos and activities! No wonder the last month and a half flew by!   I vow to never let it go this long again!!!!!  (I will try at least!)  

Happy Sunday and have a great week.  Love, Gina

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stacey said...

Love seeing all your photos. Love your family.