Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza.

Why don't I just put it out there and be honest:
Pumpkin carving is a lot of fun for kids and we do it every year, sometimes several times, 
but honestly it can be a little bit hard for the adults and 
really messy and a joyous successful occasion when no one loses an eye.  

We started out with our great big pumpkins from Grandpa's garden.
they did a great job of cleaning out the inside
 even this little girl got into it
 then they all drew what they wanted to cut out, some of us got a little detailed
 then we got out the magic eraser and explained that I wouldn't be able to cut so much detail
this is her revised option...I laughed our loud.
the final products were very nice.  
 after a few tantrums, a broken solid wood dining room chair and even some laughter too
(chaos surrounds us)
they turned out pretty nice.
now I am tired and need to get ready for tomorrow's festivities.  
Have a great night!  
Love, Gina


stacey said...

Tess cracks me up.
Love this so much.

Naomi said...

Ha! Too cute. Happy Halloween :)