Wednesday, November 21, 2012

forever thankful

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, I love holidays and Thanksgiving is no different.  I could whine and carry on because Thanksgiving is my holiday to work this year but instead I am going to list a few of the many things I am thankful for and I will start with this one

1. I am OFF for Christmas this year!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, I am so happy, I love it, there is nothing better.
2. I have a beautiful family that I love with all of my heart and they left me these notes on the counter before they left town this evening (one written by Sydney and the other two dictated by Tess and Gabby and written by Granny Annie)

3. Wonderful friends near and far.
4. Life
5. My husband who is my rock, makes me happy and sometimes makes me crazy too!
6. A great job that has always felt like my calling in life.
7. My maker and parents that taught me many years ago to thank him.

I could keep this list going forever but I have a cozy bed, a book and the hoodie that Steve doesn't like me to sleep in, all waiting for me.  I will not dwell on my holiday work obligation and Mama will appreciate her alone time when she gets it!  Have a great Thanksgiving and pray for lots of healthy babies.  Love, Gina

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Danica said...

Happy Thanksgiving! (Today is our family celebration in ND) I want to hear more about this hoodie..... :)