Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving weekend!

The family arrived back on Friday afternoon and we had a wonderful weekend after that.  We told the girls to pack their bags and surprised them with a night at a local hotel with a pool  A child's dream!  Maybe not just a child's dream, I love staying in hotels too.  Clearly I don't travel for business because it is still a novel thing for me, so we all had fun.

 we did a lot of swimming

 and we ordered pizza in the room
then we watched a movie and the adults had some wine 
(I mean how else do 5 people in one room get any sleep?, duh.)
It was so much fun, I really missed the girls and Steve while they were out of town and it was a great way to start out our weekend.  
 after the gopher game we picked out our Christmas tree and it was cold so we picked it out quickly.  
Then we decorated it and it looks beautiful.  
 the girls were really into decorating again this year which makes it really fun.  
I need to remember this when they are teenagers and complain when I ask them to decorate with me.  
 and I must note that I am the only one that broke and ornaments
after decorating it was time to meet this sweet little boy
Mr. Tatum was born last Friday and is so sweet.  
I am pretty sure Tess and I could have brought him home with us.  
we retrained ourselves though and left him with his parents.  

I am finally doing my blogging from the weekend and tomorrow is Thursday, wow.  
The days just fly by.  Have a great weekend.  
Love, Gina

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