Monday, November 19, 2012

we love weekends

We finished up a great weekend, with great weather and I am pretty sure I could handle endless months of fall.  We had a ball together and I even started out the weekend socializing after dark!  My sister invited me to try out a new restaurant downtown.  Union was fabulous and the company was even better!  I was glad that I took off my knitwear and ventured out.

Saturday was full of care free time, much needed time for all of us.  Over time we become so tired with the anxieties and busyness of daily life and need to take some time to sit back and just enjoy each other's company.  We started out with a several hour walk around town that covered

underneath the new Lyndale bridge
time on the almost dry creek

and our personal favorite, Lake Harriet
we were stopped by an elderly couple that told us we had a beautiful family and they also said they wanted to stop and tell us and to remind us to enjoy this age and all that we have.  It was a great little reminder, they were lovely and I wish I would have taken their picture because I don't want to forget them or their message.  

Then we spent some time at the new great park and on the way home checked out as many free little libraries that we could, looking for ideas for a little free library that will hopefully be built by the Sweet B Dad in the Spring and supervised by the girls.    Then we picked up a little deli lunch at
Guse Green Grocer.

It was a perfect day and just when I thought it couldn't get any better, a neighborhood teenager came over to babysit and I went Christmas shopping with my BF and stopped and had this for a snack when we were finished for the evening.

Sunday Sydney, Gabby and I raced to Lucan for a quick lunch with Mom and Dad and then went to "Mary Poppins" which my sister-in-law directed.  It was a great show and even more wonderful to see how Sydney's face lit up when she met Mary Poppins.  (It is so nice when your almost 9 year old puts aside her urges to be "cool" and really shows her feelings.)  So sweet.  It was a perfect weekend.

And last but not least, in other exciting news...
our house is getting a facelift and it all started with a new roof!
I know this isn't exciting to you but Steve and I really are excited.  The project won't be completed until the Spring when it can be painted but we are really excited.  At one point I may or may not have gotten teary thinking about all of the hard work that the roofers are doing for us.  Yes, they are getting paid but it is a lot of work and usually "we" do our own renovations, so it is really nice to have someone else take care of it.   I am not taking their help for granted and feel very blessed. I think it has also maybe has improved my parenting, I raise my voice a lot less since their is always a stranger outside within earshot....who needs super nanny, I have contractors!  Gabby has a crush on one of the contractors and spends a lot of time doing this.
when he was in the house moving a pipe she spent most of the time by his side, talking his leg off.   When he would go outside to cut the wood, she asked me if I would open the window so she could keep talking to him.   I almost felt like I should pay him for babysitting!   She has asked me to curl her hair when she sees him arrive and changes into a skirt!  It is hilarious.  She is a funny girl.   

Have a great week.  Love, Gina


Tracey said...

I can't believe you have children and a room this clean - I'm in awe!

Danica said...

1. Can you believe I just recently learned of the Little Free Library situation? Saw one in S Mpls and my goodness they are so adorable!

2. That photo of Gabby is priceless.

3. So is the fact that she changes into a skirt.

4. I love you!