Saturday, December 22, 2012

time with daddy

My posts have been infrequent as the holiday events are flying by.  We have been having so much fun but no time to sit down and document it.  This was also exacerbated by one of the construction workers cutting our phone and internet the other day....nice.  When Sydney found out she said, "Can we go and stay with Auntie Beth?"  As if no internet was an emergency similar to the furnace being broken.  The same day our huge (less than 4 year old) freezer quit working.  Not my favorite day.  But as you can see our internet is up and running and I will save the holiday catch up for another day and tell you what is on my mind.  It is my weekend to work and Steve's family had their extended family Christmas party today so Steve packed the girls up for an overnight stay and left town this morning for the celebration.  He is awesome.  He thinks nothing of packing the girls up and taking them wherever they want to go, he never complains about my work schedule (actually he rarely did he end up with me?!)  and the girls pretty much have a ball with him.  ( A patient once described this phenomenon to me as, "Disney Dad and mean Mom."  Ha.)  But seriously, the girls and I really are blessed, his time alone with the girls is always well spent and well prioritized and the unimportant things are not the focus...I need to take a page out of his book.  For this I am thankful and now I am going to get to bed early...but first I must move the Chipotle trash off of my bed.  (I may or may not eat in appropriate places when they are away and I am exhausted.)  Have a great weekend.  2 more days!!!!!  

Love, Gina

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