Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Winter Wonderland!

The days are getting away from me and no one wants to look at the last blog post with the picture of our freezer anymore so I decided to post a couple of pictures from our first beautiful snowfall of 2012.  The kids and adults both had a ball in it.  It was so nice and warm, it was perfect to play outside.  We enjoyed the majority of Sunday playing outside and when we came in we enjoyed a pizza picnic in the family room.  It was perfect.  I had my traditional yearly "It is so hard to be the Mom and get everything done for Christmas" cry/breakdown on Saturday and after I got that over with and realized it wasn't actually very rational, Sunday was a ball.  Let the holiday festivities continue!!!!!!!

We gave Tess the first challenge of the day and asked her to find the Sunday paper...
 hint: it is somewhere near our makeshift mailbox

 can she find it?

 hopefully our house won't look like this too much longer.  funny how i felt so blessed and appreciative of all of their work back in october....

now i feel like, "get it done please!"  gabby is enjoying the extra time with her boyfriend though (aka the contractor)  

after our sunday paper search it was time to play in the snow

as long as they don't seem to be finishing the porch we might as well sled out of it!

i didn't think I missed the snow last year but I guess I really did.

have a great day!

love, gina

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