Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Season 2012 in a nutshell

In a nutshell?  I don't think I can put all of this in a nutshell but here are a few of the highlights.  We did a lot of things and here are some of them.

we wrapped packages to mail together

we were proud of the finished products
we did the hollidazzle and the hilton
santa even made it
we baked
we baked 
and some of us just lotioned our hands with butter!

the finished products were delightful
and we had so much fun we baked several more times.
we made gingerbread houses at school
we had a program at church (very cute)
and we had a program at school (very cute as well.)
i started out my christmas eve well with a little of my favorite p46 (and my dear sissy)
then the sweet b's celebrated as a family..someone is growing up too fast
and someone is a nut as usual
and this may be the first year she didn't throw a photo tantrum by the tree!
santa came 

then we celebrated with some of our cousins

and we even snapped a picture with everyone pretty happy
they made their traditional gingerbread houses with their daddy
and they turned out great!
someone has evidence in the corners of her mouth
the architect put together gabby's at least 2 times as she kept forgetting it wasn't nailed together

we hit the mall of america

and we built a bear..or 3
they all enjoyed this, especially this little girl.
then we celebrated again

he celebrated too much

and we had fun in the snow too

hunter loved the snow
we enjoyed our new toys 

and mommy and daddy also enjoyed vacation together while the girls were on break

all of this fun to celebrate this
(nativity scene made my steve's mom and dad)

as you can see, we really celebrated 
we are blessed.

have a good night.
love, gina


Naomi said...

Looks like you had such a wonderful Christmas season. Lots of love and smiles. Love it. and gah...did you have to post a pic of an almond croissant? I want one!! :)

stacey said...

The one with Gabby with the butter? I die.