Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!

All I ever really needed to know I learned in 2012:
In 2012 I feel like I just started to "get it" and I am not sure what it was, another year older, the girls another year older but whatever it was, I am happier, more content, maybe even a little wiser?   Here are a few things that I learned in no particular order. 

 1.  Moms have time for books. I started to read for fun again.  Yes, it still takes me a while to get through books as I can only stay awake for a few pages a night but never the less, I am reading again and I love it. 

2.  Business travel (or actually my husband’s business travel) was making me sad.  Maintaining our household and working a job of my own while Steve travelled several times a month for work made me feel like a very strong, independent woman and mother but in the end really left me feeling secretly or not so secretly sad and overwhelmed.  Steve’s career change in 2012 changed our life and made us all very happy.
3.  This book made me think about myself and my life in a different way (thank you Stacey.)  I took away so many things from this book but the biggest thing was saying goodbye to Facebook. A quote that changed me, “There is something liberating about unplugging the machine to discover the heartbeat of life still thumping."  This gave me the realization that I needed to devote my time to what is/was going on in my house not in other people's houses.

       4.  Sometimes a little CD can also change your habits.  It really put life into perspective. It changed my mental well being and reminded me of one very important thing: relationships thrive under one condition, carefree time together.  

5.  My husband and I needed to date again.  After almost 15  years together we were spending a lot of time with the 5 of us together but not taking enough time out for the 2 of us to date.  On his own, Steve set up a bimonthly sitter for us to go on a date.  It meant the world to me and has made a huge difference for us as a couple. 

6.  Working during the day makes me very happy.  We have a ball together working during the night and I miss my night friends but I really and truly do need my sleep and working more days has also changed my life. 
7.  We all need a sebatical….When Steve was in between jobs we had several weeks off together while the girls were on summer break.  It was wonderful and I never want to forget August of 2012. 

     8.  Having everyone in some kind of school doesn’t = world by the tail or loads of free time.  Now that Gabby is in school I still manage to fill every minute of my time while she is at preschool, when I am off of work.  But I will say I do enjoy that little bit of time on my own…..I am cool with preschool, I will not be okay with kindergarten. 

9.  Just because you hire a project to be done, doesn’t mean it will get done any faster.  I used to complain how long it took Steve to finish our projects and was quite positive that hiring work done was so much faster….until our latest project.  Started in October…still in progress. 
10.  Miracles do happen.  This little girl had a heart transplant and it  brought us all joy.
11.  Girlfriends are so important.  Even though at this stage in my life I don't get to see or talk to my girlfriends enough, making up for lost time is always a good thing.  

12.  Some habits that bring us so much pleasure can be so hard to break or reduce.  I blinked my eyes and I was hooked.

13.  Squeeze cheese and Chicken in a Bisket are just as good they were as a kid.  I learned this on my final day of 2012 when we had our little New Year's Eve celebration with the girls. 

As you can see I learned a lot in 2012.  I find it unbelievable that it is now 2013.  I am so thankful for all that I have learned and look forward to learning more in 2013.  I thank God for the 3 little ladies that have been given to us and a husband that sticks by me through it all.  

Happy New Year! 
Love, Gina


stacey said...

I loved reading through this.

And I agree, I feel like I'm finally starting to "get it", too.

nichol said...

Hi, Its Nichol. Remember me? Miss working and seeing you girls! I happened upon your blog right after Christmas and love reading it. I think your exactly right about getting it. One day certain things just click, a light bulb on or maybe off... Want to connect sometime?

Danica said...

Love all of this :) Especially the sleeping at night part! And can we note how completely "off stage" that RN is with the phone in her hand... and I think the other one is asleep... Good times. Good times :)

Naomi said...

I've been meaning to comment on this post. I just love it! So many great things you've learned. You're awesome :) xo