Thursday, February 28, 2013

time to catch up

the last 2 months have been a blur and no real time (with any energy) to post what we have been up but I am going to try to catch up in a nutshell, a very big nutshell.

with our readathon this month we did a lot of reading
what better place to check out books than Wild Rumpus

Always a favorite for our girls, especially the animals in hiding places

we had a short visit from this special boy
and we celebrated this sweet boy's baptism

I had a little niece time and miss tess earned another belt!

then it was time to do a lot of celebrating

keeping up with tradition steve decorated the cake with the help of miss sydney, his mad skills with fondant are amazing

the candy bar was a hit and sydney's creativity really shined through this birthday
it was fun planning and preparing with all of her help 
and this little 4 year old mostly enjoyed just celebrating

we had a lovely surprise guest from Ireland!
and then it was time for a friend party for the 9 year old

this little girl wanted to frost her own cake on her actual birthday
and we also enjoyed some snow this month

along with skating on the lake

lastly we watched miss tess enjoy playing her favorite game
january and february flew by and now i will take a deep breath and welcome march.

have a great weekend!
love, gina

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love, the newton's said...

hi gina! i'm still checking in on your blog (after having our sweet baby ava with your help 3 years ago)...i can't believe how fast your babies are growing! i remember it was clear syd was your mini me, tess was your husbands mini me and little gabby was a mix of the two of you...oh, but gina...gabby is looking more like you everyday! especially the one picture in this post of her in the purple sweater. thank you so much for blogging! (i don't know where you find the time!) take care, lady. -carrie newton