Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone, it really was a great weekend at our house.  
Easter was so nice, the girls woke up happy and I really do think they looked beautiful for church service.
Little Miss "I hate dresses" didn't have one word of complaint!!!!
Little Miss "I can throw a tantrum about ridiculous things" calmed herself when I let her skip the sweater that she claimed was too tight but did indeed fit her like a glove.  (Pick your battles.)
Our only family photo was taken after Gabby had injured herself and was unable to recover for a photo.  
Still unable to recover but we snapped photos anyway.  My parents came to town which was really nice and fun too spend time with them.  My siblings were at their in-laws so we had a quiet celebration the 7 of us.  (Quiet meaning: 3 grandchildren instead of the usual 8)
I thought they looked super cute and they were really good (I may or may not have bribed Gabby about not getting a cake pop several times during the service.)  But seriously, as per usual, I teared up at one point feeling overwhelmed with happiness and feeling it isn't always cherries and berries but this is one hour a week when I actually sit back and realize all that I have been given and I am thankful.  
The day leading up to Easter was very busy and a lot of fun for all of us.  (I like to pack in everything I wanted to do the last 40 days in the last day.)  We cleaned cars, picked up the house, ran errands and then it was time for the fun activities.  

Egg decorating....everyone's favorite.  

Our goofy member of the family laid the eggs for us:)
and others tested them whole
 and the youngest will not be outdone.
 they turned out pretty
 and one little girl didn't like to use the spoon (see orange hand)
 they all enjoyed this activity and now we will be eating hard boiled eggs for 3 weeks.
 Daddy insisted I be in this photo and we won't mention how badly I needed a shower.
 then it was cake pop time for the older girls.
 I busied myself with something else so the pro could help them.
 and a great job they did!

then Tess took care of carmel rolls for the morning and they were delicious.  (It is official, I think both girls can both make them alone, without my help.  Sniff, sniff.  But they don't want to do them without me, right?!?!?!)
and lucky for us this guy took care of making a great ham for the festivities.  
 And don't worry, I started the weekend out right with coffee and pastries with my sister at the crack of dawn.    (I should have bought hers as we had some sleepovers and shared child care and today both of her children have strep throat.....)
That was our weekend, I cannot complain one bit, I loved it and I want to start it all over.  Have a great week.  Love, Gina

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stacey said...

The pic of Tess pooping the egg totally cracked me up.
Love the real life you have here. xo