Wednesday, March 27, 2013

strep central...

last thursday we brought this home for sydney
strep carrier #1

then on saturday we brought this home for tess
strep carrier #2

then yesterday steve and i both came home from work carrying these
strep carrier #3 and 4

4 out of 5 people in the house with strep throat?  wow.  maybe we should do a little less kissing and a little more hand washing;)

miss gabby is the last man standing and i have to tell you she isn't a very good nurse but will have to do!  what do i expect from a 4 year old.

now i better excuse myself because i use sick days to nurse myself back to good health by doing laundry, emptying dishwasher and picking up the house.  bliss.  

have a great day!
love, gina

on a happy note steve and i watched this is 40 last night as we both needed to relax and we laughed so hard!!!  very funny!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Gina! Pat and I just rented that movie and were in hysterics!!!! Hit the nail right on the head, huh?
Counting the days until I see you next Friday!!!
Love Sara