Friday, March 08, 2013


oh how I do love a friday.
it was a good week and the snow really made the week even better for us
we didn't get a "snow day" out of the deal but we still spent a fair amount of time out in our snow
and i do like to surprise the girls and even put my own snow pants on and be a "fun mom"

we did have a great time and i love to see how creative the girls are with the snow pile in the back yard 
and inviting over the neighbor kids also adds to the fun

 snow and warm days are the perfect combination
 and the sleds from auntie sue have been a hit for the girls this winter
 and the best part of all is getting outside always seems to decrease sibling fighting and that makes ME happy!
besides enjoying the snow this week we also enjoyed meeting this sweet little girl

 and the proud big sister also was very cute
and last but not least, the most exciting part of this week was last weekend's big event....
my dad's retirement and party!!!!  
(pardon the tiny blurry photo, it is the only one i have)
we had a fun celebration, with lots of laughter and i even stayed up until 2am
after 44 years with his company my dad finally retired and we are so happy for him.  
he was blessed with 44 years of hard work but now he is taking a well deserved break from the working world and working on the things he enjoys at home.  
i am excited for him and excited for him to get "caught up at home," mom to retire and then last but not least....
bring on some free child care.  ha. ha.  (just kidding, kind of.)

life is good, the weekend is starting and i am excited.
have a great weekend.
love, gina


stacey said...

Yay for a weekend off with the fam. xo

Naomi said...

tgif is right! Have a great weekend! So glad life is good for you!

Danica said...

Awwww.... I just love you :)