Wednesday, April 17, 2013


In this season of my life, a majority of my “free time” is devoted to my family.  I have been known to not respond to others texts, emails or phone calls for days, weeks and sadly sometimes months.  It isn’t that I don’t love or think about my friends, this is just life for me right now and me doing what I can do with the time and energy I have.  Lucky for me I have wonderful friends that seem to understand this about me and still thankfully don’t give up on me as a friend.  A few months ago my dear girlfriend called me and asked me what weekends I had free and then did the research (which I wouldn’t have gotten my act together and done) and then she called and asked me how my name was written on my drivers license  and then a few hours later… ticket confirmation was sent to me via email.  My friends flew me to Boston for a girls weekend that they had all planned.  Unbelievable,  wouldn’t you say? 

The Minnesota winter, which is actually supposed to be spring was getting to me, the running, the emails, the homework, the booking summer camps, the laundry, the house project that seemingly will never be completed, work, the 3 ladies that I loved but  constantly needed me were all getting to me.    Real life was getting to me. 


And thank you ladies,


It was fun, it was relaxing, it was therapeutic and it was just what I needed.  I didn’t bring my camera and I took very few pictures with my phone because I was too busy relaxing.  We took a road trip to North Conway, New Hampshire.  12 nurses, all cozy in a great condo, talking and laughing hysterically (and sometimes crying) about life, changes, shop talk (vaginal deliveries, c-sections,  4th degree tears, poop, ridiculous birth plans and anything else that wouldn’t be appropriate in the company of non-nurses) and just catching up on everyone.  We sipped coffee all day and wine at night, we consumed mass quantities of junk food, (and lactaid for me,) we went out to eat, we shopped at the outlets, we stayed up very late and woke up early (not sure why we woke up early,) but the whole thing was perfect.  They even had t-shirts and goody bags made!  (Thank you!) 

The trip was too short, I didn’t get enough time to see everyone from our Boston life but it was still the get away I needed.  I enjoyed the time I had with everyone.  

I am so grateful that my faraway friends haven’t forgotten me in my absence.  They are wonderful people that I have known since 1999.  Thank you dear friends for making this happen and making everything so much fun.  Thank you to my husband who always seems to understand how important this is and doesn’t even bat an eye about me flying to a city we both love without him.  I am so lucky he “gets it.”  (I am really just doing this for my daughters so they can see how important girlfriends are and follow my example someday;)  Just doing my part to be an example!  

It was sad saying goodbye to my friends and it was also really hard to say goodbye to this

Oh how I love their iced coffee.  

But I really needed to return to 

Back to life,
Back to reality. 

I am sure you really feel sorry for me. 

Love, Gina


Naomi said...

Sounds like an awesome time! You deserve it. And you are blessed to have friends like that! I dont know if its pregnancy hormones or the thought of having 3 kids and never leaving the house again but reading this made me come to the realization that Im not sure i have friends that would do that for me or any real kindred spirit of a friend... I think im losing it. Ha.

love, the newton's said...

YOU HAVE THE MOST AMAZING FRIENDS! That was SO beyond sweet of them to plan your trip and book your ticket. I could only laugh when reading about the nurse talk...I can only imagine the stories you all have!