Sunday, May 12, 2013

they call me "mom"

It is Mother's day and mine was really pretty perfect. But before I talk about my Mother's Day I want to   say something even more important:

Thank you to MY Mom for everything you have done for me and all that you have given me, I am so blessed to have you as a Mom.  It was also so nice to be able to spend Mother's Day with you.  Happy Mother's Day!

The next important thing I want to talk about is for the dear people in my life that don't have a living Mom anymore, I thought of you today and prayed for you.  

And for the people dear to me that are waiting patiently to be a Mom someday, I also prayed for you today.  

The day was perfect....I woke up, had a birthday/Mother's Day/Anniversary coffee with my sister at my favorite place at 7am.  Came home, crawled in bed, the girls brought me breakfast in bed, made by them, it consisted of peanut butter on a toasted bagel, string cheese, chocolate and milk.  Then they showered me with really thoughtful homemade cards, gifts and the items pictured above.  I mean really, how couldn't a Mom feel special when they picked out such thoughtful and complimentary gifts?  (A special thanks for my BF for helping them purchase these gifts.)  Then we went to church together and this was a great opportunity for me to sit back and really realize all that I have been given.  Then the girls and I headed out of town for a few hours to celebrate a special Aunt and Uncle's 25th anniversary.  Bonus, my Mom was there too so I got to spend the day with her too!  I will keep it real and mention that I did raise my voice at one point toward the end of the car ride and reminded the fighting siblings to  not "ruin my special day."  To that someone snickered, "Mom is getting cwabby."  So then I maturely raised my voice a second time to prove them wrong....nice.  We were in the Matrix and I didn't squeeze any one's leg so I thought I was doing well!!!  Then we came home and hung out, the sun was shining, they played so well outside and I had a chance to read my book.  It was everything I really wanted.  

Some years are better than others, I admittedly have been immaturely cranky "on occasion" if I don't feel like I am appreciated but this year I really felt appreciated and special.  All 4 of my roommates made me feel so special.  They mean the world to me and they are the whole reason I was promoted to "Mom."  I just finished reading with them snuggled in beside me, my heart is full and I feel content.  More than anything I am thankful.  

Have a great week.
Love, Gina

P.S. This is also the one year anniversary of me saying goodbye to facebook realizing that it was more important for me to live my life than everyone else's on facebook.  A wise decision for me.