Saturday, June 01, 2013

Dear May, Where Did You Go?

I can't believe it is June today, I barely blogged in May.  My lack of blogging was not because of a lack of activities.  It had everything to do with a million activities, a million photos and a blogger that really just needed sleep more than blog updates.  I really don't like "photo catch up posts" because I know your time is valuable and an excessively long post annoys people but I have no choice...I must catch up.  Put your feet up and here we go.

Lets start with my favorite part....

Tess's birthday festivities!

We started out with a friend party that involved a lot of climbing.

later in the month we celebrated with family

 and as usual, Daddy didn't disappoint and completed the "cake" with the birthday girl
the dog theme was a hit and so fitting for Miss Tess.

 Tess and Sydney did a great job putting together the brownie sundae bar to top off the big brownie paw.
 our little dog lover loved her "birthday month" and is already planning for next year.  Every year she watches Sydney and Gabby enjoy their February birthday month and so when it is her turn she soaks it up.
 the cousins also enjoyed the party too!

I had to include the thoughtful card that Syndey made for Tess, it makes my heart happy to see how much she loves her.
May also brought our first Twins game of the season.

 we had a great time and this photo may show the only time they looked at the field as I am pretty sure they were asking us to buy treats the remainder of the time!
we went with their school and it was fun to see all of their friends there and the weather was gorgeous.
May was also concert time and we had special guests for Sydney's program...
 special guests from Ireland!!!!!!  We loved seeing our dear friends but as usual it went too fast.
When it wasn't raining or cloudy we soaked up the sun outside.
 playing in the mud and dirt is one of their favorite activities.
 note how pretty our grass came up after 7 months of off and on construction....we have been closing our eyes until we have time to deal with it.  (One thing at a time.)
the lack of grass makes for a great space to play in the mud.

May also meant days walking to our favorite place.....
Lake Harriet!  

 Our first picnic of the season and then some time hanging out enjoying the view.

The end of the school year means one of the girls' favorite days:
Field Day!
 we spent the morning at Sydney's festivities (little sister in tow)

 and the afternoon was Tess's activities.

 we all enjoyed our time as Steve took the day off so we could enjoy it together.

 tug of war is probably our favorite event
 and always fun to watch

all this outside time meant allergy season for one of our ladies...
we finally did the deed and had her allergies tested.
Not to worry, she is only allergic to about everything in the air outside and dust mites in the house....of course we have no dust.  So May marked the start of allergy shots for Sydney for the next 5 years.  A bummer for her but I believe it to be the right decision.  

In May I feel like I noticed a big change in Sydney growing up, she started taking charge of her allergy medication, took her first overnight school camping trip (sniff, sniff) and worked on a big school project.  Her project was a "Neighborhood Guide Book."  It was a lot of fun to see what she wrote about and the photographs she took of her favorite neighborhood spots.  These are a few of her favorite spots:

the library

 the old water tower


the fire station
 our neighborhood park
 my very favorite pastry shop
 Marco, the pastry chef she interviewed.
 treats to die for.
we were really proud of the finished product of her project.

May was fun, May was busy and sometimes a little crazy and now we are looking forward to sitting here and relaxing as we have 2 more days left of school and our porch project is winding down!  
Happy June everyone, I am thankful for May and we have a lot to look forward to! 
Love, Gina


stacey said...

Finally able to comment, for some reason my computer at home isn't letting me comment on certain blogs. Annoying. So now I'm doing it at work. ;) I love your photo month in review posts. I love that you let your kids play in the mud. Love your family. xo

stacey said...

Oh, and I love your new porch. I know first hand. :)