Sunday, June 16, 2013

To My Father and My Children's Father

Happy Father's Day!

I wasn't able to see my Dad today as we were on our way home from our annual family camp out.  Sorry I didn't get to see you Dad.  Thank you to you Dad for all that you have done for me and all that you still do for me/us.  I am happy for you this year as I feel like you are in a good place after retirement and your house renovation is winding down.  You seem to finally be able to get to do the things you really enjoy.  This makes me so happy for you.

To my husband, thank you for being a wonderful Dad to our girls.  Words cannot express how very blessed they are to have you for a Dad.  I am amazed everyday at how hard you work as a father and how you live with so much intention.  I am so proud of you and all of the thought that you give to your role as a father.

Thank you to all of the Father's in my life.

More of an update on our fun weekend and the past month toward the end of the week.  Now I must rest up for a busy week.  Have a great week!
Love, Gina


Anonymous said...

I have been meaning to do this FOREVER! You were my nurse when I had my baby girl 13 months ago. We named her Amelia but always call her Emme now (she is incredible...walking everywhere and happy as a clam!). We knew some of the same people and my husband does some farming on the side in Southern MN that I think he talked with you about. I am Rachel and he is Nap (Naphtali). Emme was born over Memorial Day weekend and I cried when I had to leave the hospital (hormones!!) and you were SO sweet and helpful!! You shared your blog with me. Maybe that can help you remember? If not, no big deal, as I know you have taken care of thousands of people since then :)
Anyways, 13 months later (procrastinator!) I just wanted to let you know how much you impacted our experience of bringing our little girl into this world and bringing her home. You went above and beyond to support us at the hospital and truly made us feel loved, confident and happy. I can't imagine a better nurse than you and we will treasure that experience forever. You gave us wonderful advice about the first couple weeks home and I am so grateful for that. My husband and I laugh because several times during those first few weeks, months even, I would say, "I miss Gina!" and we would just smile. We still bring you up every so often :)
I have checked in on your beautiful family several times and can see you are just as special of a mama as you are a nurse. Thank you for all you did for us to give us a truly amazing experience with our first birth/baby!! You truly blessed us!
Take care and have a wonderful summer!!!

stacey said...

Previous comment...awesome.