Thursday, June 27, 2013

We all have talent

It is interesting because I have thought about this question a lot lately and then one day I was in Caribou and this was on the chalk board.  Why has this been put in front of me so often?  A few months ago I was at work and one of my co-workers was looking at some photos done by this talented lady and then said to me, "Stacey's talent is her photography, what is your talent Gina?"  I sat there stumped, unable to how pathetic is that?  Then I turned the question on her and asked her what her talents were and she was stumped too.  Now this woman is an amazing mother of 4, she home schools and she works as a nurse and clearly she is a talented woman.  A talented nurse, Mother and obviously has mastered time management yet she couldn't answer my question.  

Many months ago I volunteered at one of my sister's events and watched her in action.
she clearly is talented, she manages events under a lot of stress, owns her own business and raises two children.  A calling that I couldn't handle under any circumstances.  She plans, she works hard and makes things happen.  She should be so proud of her talent.

Then there is my Mom, she is a great writer, she has a talent for thoughtful writing to people and gift giving.  She is thoughtful enough to give a gift to pretty much everyone she comes in contact with... I am pretty sure our Schwans man has received a gift from her and her neighbor's son's wife's sister had a baby so she would send them a gift too....kind of kidding but she is just very talented and thoughtful and thinks nothing of it.

So as you can see I am from a family of talented women but when asked the question myself I was unable to answer.  This made me sad and so I began to give it a lot of thought.  After that I was fortunate to have a great run of patient appreciation notes that gave me the answer I needed.

Today was a perfect example.  After a long stretch off having fun with the family I start to have a little pity party about being away from them on my work weekend.  It is inevitable, every Thursday before my work weekend I feel sad to be away from our family.  Today was no different, my brother and his family had been in town and my sister stopped over and I was just having a nice time with everyone but the pity party started in my head.  Then I checked my blog comments and was instantly happy.  When I bond with my patients and have a hard time "saying goodbye" I go into typical "Gina over-share mode" and then I tell them about my blog.  Well it has paid off a few times and wonderful people have commented and today I was lifted up by the wonderful things that were said to me about my work as a nurse.  This was my little "nudge" from God to tell me, I am doing the right thing, I can be both a good Mom, wife and nurse and have the best of all worlds.  I am blessed with a career that lets me do all things and makes me feel truly rewarded.  Life as a new Mom was really tough for me 9 years ago and I really and truly try hard to make the transition easier for the people that I care for.  Thank you for all of my patients that make me feel talented as a nurse and thank you to the special person that made my day today.  I know how busy new Moms are and comments and thank you notes mean the world to me.  

Have a great weekend!   
Love, Gina


AnaVolovsek said...

You are a woman of many talents, and as your patient said... truly a gift!
I miss you dearly! Your family and friends are blessed to have you in their lives!

stacey said...

Oh Gina. You are an amazing nurse, mom, wife, friend. You find the humor in everything and are always making me laugh and smile. You are thoughtful and real and I love that about you. A talent, for sure. Love you.

Naomi said...

Dear friend, you are so many things and what Stacey and Ana said pretty much sums it up! You are an amazing mom and I look up to you, for reals. Sometimes I wish I were as good a mom as you!

love, the newton's said...

Oh, Gina, when we look back at the birth of our first, Ava, you are the first thing to enter our minds. We were so blessed to have you with us for our first birth, when I was so nervous and unsure. With Connor we had another great nurse, but Mike and I always say, "oh, how cool would it have been if Gina could have been with us." Hopefully the birth of our 3rd (a girl! we just found out this week) will somehow align with your schedule so we can be blessed by your presence once again! You are so amazing at what you do...and after following your blog for 3 1/2 years there is no doubt you are an amazing wife, mother and friend!

Mary said...

Oh, Gina! I was reading this and thinking that you have many talents! We don't hang out much, but I always feel a little brighter, a little lighter when I see you. Some people have the ability to brighten other people's days by just being, and you have that talent, too.

Danica said...

You f*****g rock, Gina.
I love you :)

ps I had actually written the word out (because it cracked me up) then realized the little ladies may read it. So now you will enjoy explaining *** to them :) !!!