Friday, July 19, 2013

a good start to our Summer

The blogging isn't doing itself and I need to start somewhere before I have 2 months to blog at once.  As Sydney told me, my first trimester is over and now I don't have a reason to be tired.....hmmm.  (Never mind 3 children, a job and a home.)  Right, I don't have a reason to be tired.

So I will start with the very beginning of June

In June we were invited with my sister and her husband for a long weekend in Las Vegas.
we enjoyed much adult relaxation

treasured time as a couple

a little sight seeing
some people enjoyed adult beverages (while I enjoyed desserts)

 we took in a little Shania
and I enjoyed some Sissy time.

It was just really nice to hang out by the pool, sleep in, go out for dinner and just take care of ourselves.  We loved it and are so thankful for the invitation and beautiful accommodations!  Thanks Beth and Mike!  

Love, Gina

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