Wednesday, July 10, 2013

a little prayer for me

i have barely posted lately...what is wrong with me?  i first want to tell everyone thank you for the wonderful comments on my last post, i promise i didn't post it with the idea of fishing for compliments! but i really do appreciate all of your comments.  sweet comments from my dear friends and sweet comments from a wonderful patient that better request me when she comes in to deliver baby #3!;)

i have a million things to post about camps, trips, summer fun with our girls, 4th of july and the house renovation that may be in the home stretch.   i may be immobilized by a ridiculous amount of photos that i really shouldn't have let build up.  didn't i say in may that i wasn't going to do that anymore?  well, june came and went and nothing has been posted.  i have been playing and working all day, with the 3 ladies at home and falling asleep before my head hits the pillow.  maybe tomorrow i will try to tackle this because once i get caught up i really do love to blog.

but for now i have a lot on my mind and i just would like a big prayer for me as you read this.  all i really need is a big prayer for me.  pretty please.

have a good night.
love, gina

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